FESTIVALS! Schedule for Austin Psych Fest’s Levitation (May 8 – 10) Carson Creek Ranch

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The Schedule is out for Austin Psych Fest’s Levitation 2015. The images below are the daily schedules and if you’re going to Levitation, just download the image for reference at the Fest on your mobile device. Don’t know what Levitation is? Click here for details and tickets. Hope to see you there!

2015-04-24 19.20.51

2015-04-24 19.23.03

2015-04-24 19.23.40

2015-04-24 19.22.00

FESTIVALS! Austin Psych Fest Presents Levitation 2015 (May 8-10) @ The Ranch, Austin, TX

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Calling all Psychedelic Music Lovers! Levitation, presented by Austin Psych Fest, will be happening May 8-10, 2015 at the beautiful and spacious Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas! This will be our third year attending this festival, one I personally believe is one of the grooviest, freshest and most happenin’ music festivals in the United States. Yes, there are dozens of festivals all over the world, (and Rock Cousteau has been to the best of them), but for any real music aficionados out there, this is the shiznit. There’s camping, rentals and more. Weekend & day passes, camping passes and rentals, and deluxe upgrades are now available.

After recently announcing the second round of the lineup announcement, we are pleased to present the schedule below:







And, this is not all! Additional announcements including final additions, the lineups for the Thursday, May 7 kick off parties in downtown Austin, and the Campground Stage lineups are still on the way.

Get a taste of what to expect right here with our personally curated Levitation Spotify playlists, right below.

I hope you’ll join us at one of this years’ most amazing music festivals on the planet! See below for access to photo highlights from 2013 and 2014.

Black Mountain

The Black Angels APF

SO FLO ROCKS FOR CHARITY! Billy Joel Band to reunite for Diamond Angels Fairy Tale Ball!

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The Diamond Angels of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital are pleased to announce an exciting addition to the Fairy Tale Ball entertainment lineup! The surviving members of Billy’s band, who haven’t played together in 20 years as a result of various life events, will reunite and perform at the Diamond Angels Fairy Tale Ball to benefit the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida.

The members who’ll be appearing at the event are Liberty DeVitto on drums, Russell Javors on guitar, Richcie Cannata on saxophone and Nick Dimichino on bass in place of the late Doug Stegmeyer. These are the guys that brought you hits like ‘Only the Good Die Young,’ ‘New York State of Mind,’ ‘Miami 2017,’ ‘The Entertainer,’ and of course, who could forget, ‘Piano Man’!

You may be wondering who will be singing lead vocals? No, not Billy, but Mike DelGuidice. DelGuidice is Billy’s current backing vocalist and rhythm guitar player, and when he’s not out on the road with Billy, he’s fronting his own amazing Billy Joel Tribute act, “Big Shot”. With Gin Blossoms and the Billy Joel Band, the Diamond Angels are presenting two amazing, chart busting acts in one terrific night of raising money for an awesome cause! Get your tickets now and don’t miss this very special evening of rock n’ roll!

Click here for details on the previous post announcing the Gin Blossoms as the headliner.

Click here for more information about how you can join us at this fabulous event and buy your tickets here! See you there!

Gin Blossoms to Headline the Diamond Angel Fairytale Ball to Benefit Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital (11/8/14)

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Gin BlossomsPhoto: Courtesy of Gin Blossoms

The Diamond Angels of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital are pleased to announce this year’s Fairy Tale Ball will be headlined by 90’s alternative pop/rock sensation, Gin Blossoms!

The Diamond Angels of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation is a volunteer membership support group formed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2004. The Diamond Angels serve as advocates for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital to support its mission – to provide safe, quality, cost-effective, patient and family-centered care regardless of one’s ability to pay, with the goal of improving the health of the community it serves.

The Diamond Angels premiere event is the always memorable Fairy Tale Ball. Since the Inaugural Ball in the Fall of 2004, the Diamond Angels have hosted seven events that have raised over $1 million dollars for the Pediatric Oncology Unit and $1 million dollars towards the new Wasie Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and over another $1 million dollars for various other programs including building the free standing hospital that opened in 2011.

Last year, Joan Jett was the headliner talent for the Fairy Tale Ball and it was one of the most exciting evenings since the inception of the Ball. What made it even more spectacular was the fact that it was all for a very good cause. Here is a link to some images from last year’s event and below is a slideshow of the event.

In 1992, Gin Blossoms rose to fame with their very successful album, New Miserable… Experience which kept the band on the charts for almost 3 years with singles like ‘Hey Jealousy’, ‘Allison Road’, ‘Until I Fall Away’, ‘Mrs. Rita’, ‘Til I Hear It From You’, ‘Lost Horizons’ and ‘Found Out About You’. The album took the airwaves by storm and held MTV hostage with multi cross-over hits in 4 different radio formats. With their next release in 1996, Congratulations I’m Sorry, the band went full mainstream. Having created their own unique blend of Pop & Rock, now referred to as Jangle-Pop, Gin Blossoms became a musical force that helped define the sound of 90’s radio.

Please join us as we welcome Gin Blossoms to the Fairy Tale Ball at the Diplomat Resort & Spa on November 8th 2014 for what will be a totally rockin’ evening, as we celebrate the 11th year of this wonderful event benefiting Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. See you there!!

Click here for more information about how you can join us at this fabulous event and buy your tickets here!  See you there!

VOYAGES OF RC! Lily Allen w/ Samsaya: The Sheezus Tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach (9/9/14)

September 15, 2014 in Voyages of Rock Cousteau by rock6847

Photos and review by Derek Kearney

Lily Allen at the Fillmore Miami-12

Oh yes, it was “Lady’s Night” at the Fillmore last Tuesday night with various versions of Girl Power on display. The main headliner, Lily Allen, on her Sheezus Tour, showed a lot of sass that complimented her British cheekiness, while supporting act, Samsaya, performed power-kicking, shimmy shakin’ gurl music. The evening began early with Samsaya, and her one red-hearted eye, kickin’ in a nice rockin’ groove along with her band’s brand of power pop. In addition to the power pop, songs like ‘Stereotype’ and ‘Bombay Calling’ carried just a hint of Bollywood rhythms. Samsaya brought energetic, infectious grooves and pranced about the stage in her classic Converse All-Stars.

Once Lily Allen appeared with her sexy dance crew, she crept upon the stage to the slow, deep-bass beat groove of her anti-pop princess anthem ‘Sheezus.’ And, although the album has only been out for a few months, the crowd of Lily faithfuls sang right along. Her new album can definitely described as a pop upgrade and is more accessible to a broader audience. Despite the fact that she has returned from a lengthy child bearing break, as wife and mom of two, this didn’t stop her from expressing naughty-mouthed fun girl style. If fans were expecting to see a pop star in mom jeans, they’d be disappointed, as there was no hint of rust on the Fillmore’s stage. Rather, Lily looked lean and fabulous in her short mini-dress and black stillettos. This was the fun girl we all knew from the past, ready to party with the crowd. New songs, ‘As Long As I Got You,’ ‘Our Time’ (a personal fav), and ‘Hard Out Here’ blended perfectly with the older favorites such as, ‘The Fear,’ ‘LDN,’ ‘L8CMMR,’ and ‘Smile.’ Lily’s witty crowd banter, spoken with her strong Cockney accent, was more like that of a “former party girl.” She’s still that fun, cute BFF that we always hung out with and had a great time. And even though she’s officially all grown up, Lily can still throw a happenin’ party.

Hey Gene, Rock is ALIVE! Ty Segall w/ Wand and Plastic Pinks @ The Stage Miami (9/11/14)

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Ty Segall’s show at the Stage in Miami was a show we anticipated on seeing since the announcement was made in June. Supported by L.A.’s, Wand and Miami’s, Plastic Pinks, the night was perfect and The Stage in Miami, couldn’t have hosted any better. Security was relaxed and the bands, the audience and everyone working the night would have a superb experience.

When asked to describe Ty Segall, I am hard-pressed to do so in just one word. Rather, Segall can be best described as a mélange of garage/punk/psych/metal. He’s very creative and encourages everyone around him to join in his creativity. This couldn’t be more clear than it was that Thursday night.

The evening kicked off with Miami natives, Plastic Pinks. The Plastic Pinks have been gaining momentum on the local live music circuit and it seems that everywhere we go, they show up. They say that half of success is just in showing up, but I can assure you, they are more than that. We arrived shortly after they took the stage, but found ourselves comforted by their sound. The crowd hadn’t gotten too revved up just yet, but things were starting to happen.

To the delight of many, Wand took the stage and I found myself in front of the lead guitarist. Their guitarist and singer, Cory Thomas Hanson, encountered some technical difficulties and claimed it was the Miami heat messing up his strings. But, shortly after his tuning break, he came back and ripped it up. There were fans onstage, pillows being thrown and a fair amount of body surfing. I even got hit in the arm with a beer bottle. During one point, the bass drum was moving away from the drummer and Segall simply walked on stage and corrected the problem. Well into their set, Wand finally showed us what they were made of and the crowd wanted more. Giving us just one extra song, they did their thing and we were warmed up for Segall.

Segall’s latest release, Manipulator, is definitely his most produced album and a unique concept piece about a tech-friendly girl, Susie Thumb. Each and every song on the album is better than the next. We are simply addicted to this album. Finally getting the opportunity to see this album performed live was like eating the tallest ice cream cone on the hottest day at the beach.

Introduced by their mustached manager as “The Manipulator Band” from Jupiter (the planet in outerspace), Segall was joined by Emily Rose Epstein on drums, guitarist Charlie Mootheart and bass wielding Mikail Cronin. We had most recently seen Cronin solo at Austin Psych Fest this past May and as a Floridian, this was such a treat to see him again in the span of several months. As soon as the first note of ‘Manipulator’ began to play, the crowd whipped into a frenzy. The wave of people became so intense at times, it was a little difficult to concentrate on the band, but it was Ty Segall and nothing could interfere.

‘The Manipulator Band’ proceeded to play most of the new album. At one point, Segall walked out onto the crowd, allowing them to hold his ankles while he played an intense solo. In addition to the new album, other highlights included ‘I Bought My Eyes’, ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Girlfriend’.

Overall, I can’t remember a show in recent memory that has been as exciting and enjoyable as this one. Ty, thank you for making your way back to the South Florida. We can’t wait to have you back again.

Our recap video of the evening:

Our video for Ty Segall – ‘It’s Over':

VOYAGES OF RC! An Evening at Churchill’s Pub w/ Crocodiles, Jaill, The Jellyfish Brothers and Plastic Pinks (8/23/14)

August 28, 2014 in Voyages of Rock Cousteau by rock6847


On the evening of Saturday, August 23rd, Churchill’s Pub, a veritable bastion for raw music in South Florida and a place I like to refer to as home, hosted a splendid evening. Our friends at Strutter USA Productions put together a fabulous lineup that included local and not-so-local talent. The evening would kick off with some of Miami’s finest, Plastic Pinks and The Jellyfish Brothers, followed by Milwaukee’s Jaill and San Diego’s Crocodiles. We arrived just as Plastic Pinks were wrapping up their set. As would be expected, the crowd was a bit mellow, but the evening was just getting started.

Plastic Pinks include June Summer (lead vocals), Augie Pink (rhythm guitar), Luigi Toni La Rocca (lead guitar), Charlie De Jesus (bass) and Nicholas Ochoa (drums). What we did hear was some rather raw, yet ear-splitting garage rock. As they finished up with a request from the crowd of ‘Aaa-Oh-Aah,’ our only regret was that we hadn’t arrived sooner.

Next to arrive on the scene, The Jellyfish Brothers with brothers Alvarez – Gregorio (vocals/synth) and Eduardo (drums), as well as Kc Toimil (bass). Toimil arrived just in time for their set, after performing at Gramps w/ her other band, Snakehole. The set was short, but sweet, as Churchill’s continued filling up with a crowd eager for more. Gregorio took the bold move of replacing the guitar with his synthesizer, giving their set something more akin to Ultra than Churchills.

Third band in the lineup, Milwaukee natives, Jaill, were next up. Made up of Vincent Kircher (lead vocals/guitar), Johnathon Mayer (guitar), Michael Skorcz (synthesizer) and Josh Evert (drums), Jaill kicked some serious ass. With the exception of three tracks, ‘Waste a Lot of Things,’ ‘ Everyone’s Hip,’ and ‘The Stroller,’ the majority of their set included tracks from their most recently released album, spinning regularly in our spaces. We anticipated seeing them perform live and they were certainly a treat. Speaking of treats, a group of people closest to the bassist continue to offer him (and later, the guitarist from Crocodiles) a variety of things. The bassist politely declined most offers, but eventually gave in to accepting some clear liquids in an unmarked glass bottle. Everyone was so eager to hear more after allegedly completing their set, that they indulged the crowd and continued performing a few more songs.

Well after midnight and into the darkness, Crocodiles ascends upon the stage. Before starting the set, guitarist Charles Rowell takes his guitar, plucks a few strings and sets it in front of the amp to create a beautiful mélange of reverb. This tasty-taste of what’s to come intrigues me and, as a fan of theirs long before they arrived in Miami, I am looking forward to what else Rowell’s got up his proverbial sleeve. Crocodiles, comprised of founding members, Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, return to officially begin their set and the mosh pit begins. Halfway through the set, Welchez and Rowell lock lips and fortunately for us, we have that image digitally preserved forever (see above). The set begins with their 2010 album release, Sleep Forever, they play ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Stoned to Death.’ Rowell accepts a beverage and creates a “beer bottle slide,” eventually chugging it and throwin’ it down. For sure, this was the prescription for all the week’s ills. We are eternally grateful to Strutter USA Productions, the bands and Rat Bastard for providing South Florida with evening filled with random dancing, good friends and great guitars.

Highlights: experiencing the beer bottle slide thrown atop my head and bearing witness to Rowell’s super-star guitar skills.

Plastic Pinks
Sunnyside Rabbits
Tell Me Now
Livin’ On the Coast
Save Me
Toe Trippin

The Jellyfish Brothers
Take Me On
Cool Feeling
I’m So Sad
I’m a Shadow

Pickin My Bones
Just a Lovely Day
Change Reaction
Waste a lot of Things
Everyone’s Hip
Got an F
The Stroller
Chocolate Poison Time

Stoned to Death
Jet Boy Jet Girl (Elton Motello Cover)
Neon Jesus
Me and My Machine Gun
Gimme Some Annihilation
Marquise De Sade
Refuse Angels
I Wanna Kill

VOYAGES OF RC! Tori Amos: The Unrepentant Geraldines World Tour, Fillmore Miami Beach (8/24/14)

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Unrepentant Tori Amos Spreads Her Gospel
By: Derek Kearney


After years of masculine devotion from afar, I was finally able to personally experience all that is Tori Amos, live and in glorious color. After getting over the intimidating femininity of her first album, “Little Earthquakes” (which I eventually became man enough to love), I have been a devotee since her second album, “UnderThe Pink”. I always wanted to see her live, but I never had the nerve to see her on my own without the camouflage of female accompaniment, nor could I ever find someone who loved her as much as I did in the social circles I occupied. Finally, I connected with a lovely, Cuban fairy-girl who loved her beyond earthly reason and we vowed to go together one day where I can free the feminine side of my soul, undauntedly! As a diverse and hip crowd of all ages, the loyal masses gathered at the Fillmore to bear witness to their Scarlet matron of femininity. And, despite my expectations, there were far more men than I ever expected, men like me and even men not like me at all there. But, as expected, the majority of the crowd were of the fairer gender, ready to lip-synch and sing the lyrics of Tori songs that have become part of the soundtrack of their lives.

Before Tori emblazoned the stage with her presence, we were treated to the cozy folk songs of Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou, while a majority of the crowd was still either lounging in the lobby or making their way to their seats. The English couple harmonized to their acoustic guitar, strumming in a very soothing and unobtrusive way that didn’t interrupt what the unsettled crowd was up to at that time. Their pleasant guitar-plucky-jingle-jangly songs such as “A Proud Surrender” typified their entire set and we witnessed the chemistry that lead to their marriage and partnership. Even though they hadn’t captured the attention of the still gathering crowd, I was happy about their good fortune in joining Tori on this tour.

Photos: Derek Kearney

Alas, when Tori takes the stage to her lovely song ‘Parasol,’ my favorite song from “The Beekeeper,” I finally have my Tori virginity gently plucked away from me. She appears to be more stately and serene from the imagery I previously envisioned, a young, writhing chanteuse at her piano in live videos. She is now fetching and very becoming in her grey leather pants and super funky wedge shoes. And her voice, truly as angelic as ever… God, she is mesmerizing! There was the “totally Tori” bi-piano straddling that she manages so well, a unique playlist that included a wide array of songs from her 14 album catalog, and the highlight for me, covering two of my favorite songs: ‘Tear Drops’ by the Cocteau Twins and a Tori-ized version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’ during the Lizard Lounge portion of her show that included pre-recorded musical accompaniment. The excited, yet polite, crowd sang along with Tori, knowing all of the lyrics and punctuating the set with the occasional shout-out of “We love you TORI!” turning the Fillmore into one very large, cozy living room of love. Only until the last song before the encore, ‘Cornflake Girl,’ did the crowd choose to stand en masse. All her truly loyal fans knew that this was their window of opportunity to rush to the stage and dance along, a ritual I was not familiar with, as I watched my friends disappear and make their mad dash towards the stage.

Overall, this was a religious calling and I finally got baptized. I have finally seen Tori Amos, live.

Tori Amos Setlist The Fillmore, Miami Beach, FL, USA 2014, Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

Derek Kearney is a freelance photographer and avid concert goer.  We welcome his initial contribution to Rock Cousteau.

The Gospel Tour Helps Us Say Goodbye to Summer @ Mizner Park Amphitheater, Boca Raton, FL (8/15/14)

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VOYAGES OF RC! Panic! at the Disco, Youngblood Hawke and Walk the Moon @ Mizner Park Amphitheater, Boca Raton, FL (8/15/14)

Panic! at the Disco, The Gospel Tour, Mizner

What better way to say goodbye to summer than to have a party with a few thousands friends and three fun bands. The day began with a threatening thunderstorm and the future of the evening rested solely in the hands of mother nature. To our delight, the skies cleared to make way for a glorious evening with Panic! at the Disco supported by Youngblood Hawke and Walk the Moon. The Gospel Tour would go on!

The first time we saw Youngblood Hawke live was at Hollywood’s Arts Park two years ago. They entertained the crowd back then and they did it even better this time around. The ever-enigmatic, Sam Martin, hopped around from place to place on the stage, really giving the audience every bang for their buck. It felt like a sort of homecoming of sorts to see Alice Katz, Tasso Smith, Nik Hughes, Omar Ahmed, Sam Martin and Simon Katz all together again. The set was a short one, only 7 songs, but the anthemic nature of each song made them seem much greater. All the members of this very happy band seemed to be enjoying themselves and it hardly seemed like work.

Before Walk the Moon took the stage, the excitement over the anticipation of seeing Panic! at the Disco had almost turned dangerous, as the audience was given a stern warning to “step back!”. Everyone listened and the show would continue as scheduled. I wasn’t as familiar with Walk the Moon, although I had heard their single, ‘Anna Sun’ at least once before. Nicholas Petricca, the lead singer and keyboardist, gesticulated his way throughout the set, while Eli Maiman took front and center stage showing off his guitar skeeels. Again, this would be a very short set for Walk the Moon, racking up a total of 8 songs.

Finally, the part of the evening that everyone was waiting for had finally arrived. Once Panic! at the Disco hit the stage and began with ‘Vegas Lights,’ the crowd went wild and the energy didn’t stop until the final song, ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’. The lead singer, Brendon Urie came out in a suit and undressed until the only thing visible was his hot, sweaty abs and a pair of pants. The ladies were swooning and in typical “hot lead singer” fashion, a bra eventually landed upon the stage. While I’m not the biggest Panic! fan, I think they made a fan out of me that night.

Check out the entire setlist via Spotify (less a few songs and covers by the original artist) and Setlist.FM below.

Youngblood Hawke Setlist Mizner Park Amphitheatre, Boca Raton, FL, USA 2014, The Gospel Tour

Walk the Moon Setlist Mizner Park Auditorium, Boca Raton, FL, USA 2014, The Gospel Tour

Panic! at the Disco Setlist Mizner Park Amphitheatre, Boca Raton, FL, USA 2014, The Gospel Tour

VOYAGES OF RC! Austin Psych Fest 2014 @ Carson Creek Ranch, Austin, TX (5/2/14 – 5/4/14)

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Join us on a photographic journey of our voyage of The Austin Psych Fest 2014 at the beautiful Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, TX, May 2nd through May 4th. Our second year in attendance at this festival was filled with great musical memories inspired by bands that include: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Quilt, Graveyard, The Fresh and Onlys, The Black Lips, Kadavar, The Zombies, Woods, Brown Sabbath, The Black Angels, Pure X, Zombie Zombie, Jacco Gardner, Moon Duo, Bardo Pond, Bombino, Temples, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Medicine, The Horrors, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Golden Dawn Arkestra, Charlie Megira, Christian Bland and the Revelators, Secret Colours, Cosmonauts, Toy, Mikal Cronin, The War on Drugs and Pink Mountaintops. New friendships were made, new sounds were heard, but most importantly, great music was played! If next year is anything like this year, we are all certainly in for a treat! After the photos, check out a few videos from the Fest. See you next year!

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