Band of Horses 8/3/2011 Revolution Live

August 14, 2011 in Performances, Voyages of Rock Cousteau by rock6847

On the heels of finding out that the lead singer of the band they were to open for was truly out of sorts, such that the tour would be immediately cancelled, Band of Horses pulled it together and restructured their tour. At 10pm on 8/2/11, we received a notification from the venue that Band of Horses were going to perform at Revolution Live. By the time we received this email, it was already known that Kings of Leon had to cut their tour short, due to Caleb Followill’s exit-stage-right in Dallas. As to the reasons for Caleb’s departure, it’s really unimportant in the scheme of thigs. But, the behavior was certainly unprofessional and left Band of Horses (among many folks on the tour) wondering what to do next.

Upon learning of the newly formed show, we took it upon ourselves to advise as many people as we could about the announcement. Even though we knew BoH was opening for KoL, we had no intention of attending the originally scheduled show. After seeing them at Coachella just a few short months before, the lack of enthusiasm that the band had for their performance in the desert did nothing to encourage us to spend either our time or our money on them again.

It’s show day and somehow, we managed to gather a pretty healthy group together to see this newly announced show by Band of Horses. Members of the band warmed up the audience with their own material.¬†

This was already turning out to be more than everyone expected. Ben Bridwell takes the stage on his own and engages the audience with not only his melodies, but his creative lyrics about wives and kids.

Without belaboring the point, the show was incredible and the band played longer than anyone ever expected. The set list included many of their most favored tunes and some that any BoH fan might never thought they’d hear live.

What impressed us the most, was their ability to pack this venue in less than 24 hours time. Not only that, it could probably be said that most of the audience probably wouldn’t have made the Kings of Leon show and that alone speaks volumes about BoH’s ability to carry a show by themselves.