NOW STREAM THIS! Wilco – The Whole Love

September 20, 2011 in Now Stream This! by rock6847

Wilco is everyone’s favorite alt-country band and we finally got our grubby paws to access of a legitimate stream of the upcoming album, The Whole Love. Out on Sept. 27th, it is clear from the album that this group is talented, inspired and the real deal. While embracing typical songwriting formats, they also know how to dismantle the expected elements and do so quite seamlessly. Some call this the most adventurous record in a decade. Frontman and primary songwriter, Jeff Tweedy has been making music for nearly 30 years and while the band is composed of more than Tweedy, the talent this one artist holds is revealing in every album that we are lucky to enjoy. Click on the album cover to be directed to the album stream in full, provided by our friends at NPR’s First Listen.