NEW RELEASE TUESDAY! Emperor X – Western Teleport

October 4, 2011 in New Release Tuesday by rock6847

Emperor X (real name Chad Matheny) plays one-man pop songs, sometimes with little more than an acoustic guitar and a port-a-mic. Typical descriptions of his sound often include the words “electronica” and “indie”. He releases Western Teleport today via Bar/None Records. Readers take note, Matheny has buried his releases in the ground and asking fans to go out and find them. Click on the band name to get the coordinates. In live shows, Emperor X often includes a motley crew of backing musicians and these are usually Matheny’s friends and acquaintances. If you like Sebadoh, the Mountain Goats and experimental groups of that nature, this artist will appeal to you. Matheny tours the United States very frequently, and has completed several small tours internationally including trips to Mexico, Canada, and Australia.