Late Night Appearances – Portishead on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

October 6, 2011 in late night appearances by rock6847

It’s dark, brooding and it’s Portishead, making their first U.S. TV appearance since 1998, that’s 13 years! And, Fallon’s the lucky guy to get the gig. The first video is an Amnesty International benefit track ‘Chase the Tear,’ intended for television broadcast and ‘Mysterons,’ intended only as a web exclusive. The band also announced the release of ‘Chase the Tear’ on vinyl through XL on November 14. On Saturday, October 8, at the Independent Label Market in Brooklyn, 200 signed copies of the 12″ will be available at the XL stall. Upon hearing ‘Mysterons’ there were some chills as we recall the last time we saw them perform this track at Coachella 2008. Enjoy!

Portishead – ‘Chase the Tear’

Portishead – ‘Mysterons’