NEWS YOU CAN USE! RC’s User’s Guide for the New Twitter #Music App

April 19, 2013 in News You Can Use by rock6847

Twitter music

The first Twitter music app is here (not yet compatible with Android). They call it “Twitter #music.” What does it do?? Well, the app monitors Twitter activity to dig up, detect and reveal both the most popular tunes and emerging artists. For now, the app is only compatible with the web and iPhones, but compatibility with Android is expected soon.

Here’s a quick User’s Guide with quick tips and explanations, so you don’t have to ask “How the heck does this work?” Let us help you get the most out of your Twitter #music experience.

First, connect your Spotify and/or Rdio account to Twitter #music. This enables users to hear the entire song, rather than a 30 second iTunes preview.

Five Panels: The app is based around five sections:

1 – Popular: The first panel reveals the most shared songs trending on Twitter. The top track on the app’s launch day? Psy’s new track ‘Gentleman.’ (Yay!) Popular will not be the place for music discovery. This section is dominated by existing major pop acts already dominating the charts.

2 – Emerging: Labeled by Twitter as “hidden talent found in the Tweets,” this is the panel Rock Cousteau is most interested in exploring and sharing with you. The Emerging section is where you’ll discover that new music you have been yearning to hear. Twitter scans among its 500 million users and shares the buzz about the new artists. It’s not all a bed of roses, though. Like anything else, you still have to do the work and scroll through and preview many unknown artists and genres before reaching nirvana 😉 So, despite what may seem like a true answer to the music discovery issue, we (Rock Cousteau) will continue to be here to explore the depths of music, take out the cream of the crap and provide you the best in music discovery.

3 – Suggested: This panel provides you with a list of recommended artists based on your current musical tastes. As with Pandora, sometimes the suggestions are not what you hope for and they’ll throw in something you don’t like, but then spin an artist you may have overlooked and other times, introduce you to an artist you have never heard of that shares the sounds of an artist you really do like.

4- #NowPlaying: Tracks tweeted by users you follow with the hashtag #NowPlaying. This panel helps you find the trending new tracks in music, but always use the hashtag #NowPlaying!

5 – Me: This the source for new music from the artists YOU follow. This is a curated playlist of artists you already know and enjoy.

Additional tips to get you going…..Get music recommendations from the artists themselves! Search the artist names in the top right corner, then check out their profile to see which musicians they follow. What do we think? Twitter #music can only help the artists find the music they have been missing, but our reservations will be similar to those of Pandora, while it has potential to help change the way listeners find unknown and emerging artists, you might still be better off getting the information from a trusted, credible human resource. Your thoughts on the app are always apprciated! RC