NOW STREAM THIS! Deerhunter – Monomania (First Listen)

May 2, 2013 in New Video Release, Now Stream This! by rock6847

Deerhunter - credit_robert_semmer

Just on the heels of seeing Deerhunter this past Saturday at the Austin Psych Fest, the band’s image and sound is still freshly imprinted in our minds. And, since they performed a few of the tunes from their yet-to-be-released album, we were more than ready for whatever the full album had to offer. What is Deerhunter? What can you expect from a band with such name? You can expect the creative and hugely talented, Bradford Cox. You can expect music that takes you out of the environment you are used to and places you in a new place and time. While the founding member, Bradford Cox obsessively creates a space for himself (during sound check and otherwise) he ultimately intrigues the listener, takes note of his own actions and entices one to continue listening.

Monomania, to be released next week, is yet another example of how Cox can take a simple moment in time and carefully immerse you into psychedelic sounds. But, the best part about the album, the sounds don’t necessarily all stay the same throughout. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety throughout the album. From the mellow, atmospheric sounds in the opening track, ‘Leather Jacket II,’ to the fuzz and noise in ‘Pensacola’ only to reach al the way around to the garage-pop worthy sounds in ‘Dream Captain’. ‘Blue Agent’ definitely gives us chills, perhaps because we got to see them perform live the other night, but its chord changes could easily remind us of some great childhood memory.

Overall, Monomania is a truly well-balanced effort making every tune listenable and enjoyable, regardless of your genre leanings. Be sure that if you are a fan of psychedelia, garage and mind-expanding music, this is the album for you to explore further. Click below to stream a first listen a full week earlier to the release via NPR’s First Listen.  Then, check out their live appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and finally, the video for ‘Monomania’.  Be sure to buy the album upon release next week on Amazon or iTunes.