LATE NIGHT ROCKS! Fred Armisen Gets an Indie Rock Send Off on SNL (5/18/13)

May 20, 2013 in late night appearances, Now Stream This! by rock6847

Armisen SNL send offAs I watched Saturday Night Live from this past Saturday night, I couldn’t help but get huge goosebumps all over my body during the final clip. Fred Armisen, gently closed out his final episode as a cast member on SNL with an original punk-rock ballad ‘It’s A Lovely Day,’ featuring indie-rock legends such as: Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, “Portlandia” co-star and Wild Flag member Carrie Brownstein, and husband-and-wife duo Aimee Mann and Michael Penn.

Armisen reprised Ian Rubbish, a fictional punk-rock character with the fictional band, The Bizarros, on lead guitar and vocals, Bill Hader on bass, other departing cast-member Jason Sudeikis on drums, and castmate Taran Killam on second guitar. As the rag-tag group played through the live tune, they were gradually joined by other indie-rock greats mentioned above, only to conclude the song with a heart-wrenching lyric, “It’s been all right / I’ve had a lovely night with you.”

Stream the performance below, via NBC: