NEW MUSIC VIDEO! Queens of the Stone Age – ‘If I Had a Tail’

May 20, 2013 in New Video Release, Now Stream This! by rock6847


In the fourth animated video for Queens of the Stone Age album, …Like Clockwork, we see a cartoon-infested male driving a blood-spattered T-bird with skulls hanging from the rearview mirror. We see the cartoon-infested male getting enjoyment from chucking Molotov cocktails at other bikers. ‘If I Had A Tail,’ the fourth video from …Like Clockwork, continues the violently themed videos begun by other tracks ‘I Appear Missing,’ ‘Kalopsia,’ and ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled.’ As for the track itself, it’s thick in the middle and sticks around in your mind long after the tune has ended. Looking forward to more!

Just added: We have been advised that QotSA have put out a complete video of all the videos produced so far, as one continuous piece. Like our friend, Si, we hope they do this for the other half! See the entire video here.

…Like Clockwork is out June 4th USA and June 3rd UK. Pre-order here: Matador Store, iTunes: Pre-order & get My God Is The Sun instantly.  All art by boneface.