NOW STREAM THIS! Tjutjuna – Westerner

May 28, 2013 in New Artist Intros, Now Stream This! by rock6847

Tjutjuna WesternerWhat’s fresh in rock music? How is rock music being redefined by listeners and musicians alike? What do genres mean for bands trying to be heard? All these questions and more may not be answered in this post, but I can safely state that what remains constant in music is the lack of stagnation and the overall search for something more than what the “man” is feeding us. We all seem to be seeking something outside the box, appreciating the occasional band that finds their way into the mainstream, but we always search for something slightly different and a little more meaningful. Do we always have to have lyrics in a song to make it good or can we be open to tracks that are only instrumental? Is rock really dead (a mantra I question, yet continue to hear over and over again)? No, it really is not. In fact, rock is alive and seeking your ear, and under the rubble of new sounds emerges a band we recently saw live at the Austin Psych Fest, Tjutjuna.

Tjujuna hails from Denver, Colorado and grabs influences from a variety of artists, most notably Charles Mingus, Miles Davis and Frank Zappa. But, what does it mean to you and why should you listen? Frankly, it’s music that heightens your awareness, your thought process and enlightens you without chemicals or other harmful stimulants. And, if you insist on placing them in a genre, I suppose that Psychedelic Jam might work (plus is sounds yummy).

Tjutjuna released their album, Westerner via Fire Talk on April 9, 2013, but you still have a chance to stream it now. You can order Westerner here on iTunes.