VOYAGES OF RC! Filter w/ Falseta and Dharmata @ The Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (5/26/13)

May 30, 2013 in Now Stream This!, Voyages of Rock Cousteau by rock6847

Walking into the Culture Room on the evening of Sunday, May 26th, I was quickly transported back to 1995. While it would have been nice to have traveled in a hot tub time machine, it was easier to use my legs. Taking a moment to reflect upon the vision before me, I sat down for a quick refreshment before the first of two opening bands took the stage. Conversations quickly took on some form of nostalgia as folks began to reminisce about the 90’s, discussing the music, the venues, the radio stations and bands of the moment. It was refreshing to see everyone dressed in black and exposing fond life memories on their skin.

Local prog rock/hard rock band, Falseta, hailing originally from the jungles of Hialeah in 2008, took the stage. And, while I was eager to see them for the first time, I couldn’t quite tear myself away from the conversation I was presently embroiled in with my nephew. From my vantage point, Falseta proved enjoyable enough that I would make the effort to not only hear them, but see what they looked like. Pleasantly surprised by their aggressive, yet rhythmic sounds, I was in fact, taken by their live performance. With the exception of a few songs, the majority of their set included songs from their self-titled, debut album.

Rock/Metal/Alternative band, Dharmata, from West Palm Beach was next to take the stage, performing tracks from their self-titled, debut album. If you like hardcore metal with melodic vocals, this might just be the band for you. But, it was time to see the band we came to see, Filter.

Richard Patrick, the founding member of the Filter, comes out to warmly greet the audience and takes a moment to explain his fondness for the venue, thanking the man high up in the back corner of the stage, in charge of it all, for all his hospitality over the years. Ft. Lauderdale was fortunate to be the second stop on their tour where they would thereafter continue onto their Summerland Tour with Everclear and Live. From the very beginning, the audience and the band are already in perfect synchronization, and it really wouldn’t be all that difficult for an already pumped up audience to appreciate the depth of what this phenomenal frontman, Patrick, had to offer.  If Patrick ever had an ego, he must have checked it at the door because it certainly wasn’t ever visible. Of all the concerts over the years, this really was one of the warmest, most welcoming I had experienced in a very long time. Energy, well, there was definitely no lack of energy and they say that whatever the band gives to the audience will be returned in double or more. Most def, this was the case.

Patrick was so enthusiastic and genuine about introducing the new songs from The Sun Comes Out Tomorrow and well, the audience was more than eager to hear the new tracks. Sometimes, artists perform their “new stuff” and the only thing the audience wants to hear is the “old stuff,” but that really didn’t seem to be the case here. Performing ‘We Hate it When You Get What You Want’, ‘What Do You Say’ and ‘Surprise’ from the yet to be released album, were expertly performed and extremely well received. Of course, highlights included the more familiar songs, ‘Take A Picture’ and the final song, ‘Hey Man Nice Shot.’ It was clear that Patrick went out of his way to please the South Florida audience, briefly taking time to speak with the audience in between songs and even going so far as to squeeze in a few extra tunes not included on the set list after ‘Dose,’ performing ‘Best Things in Life,’ ‘Soldiers of Misfortune’ and ‘Warpigs’ (cover of Black Sabbath). Best highlight for this reviewer, watching the mosh pit come alive during ‘Hey Man Nice Shot’. Never really thought I’d see one of those again, especially by 40-something-year-olds.

The Sun Comes Out Tommorow is currently streaming, exclusively at Revolver Magazine online, until its release on June 4th. Be sure to pre-order your copy at any one of the following retailers: Filter store/iiTunes/Amazon /Newbury Comics /Walmart