VOYAGES OF RC! Grizzly Bear w/ Majical Cloudz @ The Fillmore Miami Beach (6/18/13)

June 24, 2013 in Voyages of Rock Cousteau by rock6847

Grizzly Bear12

When you mention Grizzly Bear, chill-poet-harmonizing-indie band is not necessarily the first thing that pops into your head. If you didn’t know anything about this band, you might think they would be something edgier or you might even expect them to have taxidermied booty hanging on the stage. In our case, there were no taxidermied animals, but small hanging laterns in the shape of jellyfish. And, fortunately for us, after hearing their music through various devices for a few years, we knew what not to expect. Yes, Grizzly Bear finally made it to Miami and we’d finally get the opportunity to see this band live in one of South Florida’s most beloved theaters, The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theatre.

While we were hoping to catch Majical Cloudz, it just wasn’t in the cards. But enough about missed opportunities, Grizzly Bear was truly the band we came to see, a band that includes some extremely creative musicians/poets making music today. What makes them so unique is their ability to combine a variety of music, poetry and visual elements together, but do so without being “in your face”. Grizzly Bear is also the band that brings all the couples out that are just waiting to make out during the songs and I think we even saw a few making out in the lobby before the show.

Our anticipation of hosting Grizzly Bear in the “Magic City” was met with complimentary warmth by frontman, Ed Droste. Droste made a sincere apology to Miami for not appearing sooner, but also complimented us for being “one of the better crowds.” They kicked off the show with ‘Speak in Rounds,’ the second track from their latest album, Sheilds. Hearing it live for the first time, you were instantly drawn into their harmonious voices, voices that drove way beyond your ears and deep into your heart. Throughout the concert, the band continued to showcase the talented, layered voices of Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen, Christopher Taylor and Christopher Bear.

Highlights for us included ‘Sleeping Ute’ and ‘Yet Again,’ but the older songs would also catch our attention later in the set. Before their intimate, acoustic encore of ‘All We Ask,’ they performed, ‘Sun in Your Eyes,’ a songwriter’s dream that incorporates multi-leveled musical themes. This live experience with Grizzly Bear proved to us that this band is both solid in the studio and live.  Both experiences are worthwhile for the listener and if you have a chance to see this talented group of musicians live, DO NOT miss them. Also, be sure to catch the other great shows coming up at The Fillmore Miami Beach.

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‘Speak in Rounds’
‘Sleeping Ute’
‘Yet Again’
‘A Simple Answer’
‘Ready, Able’
‘While You Wait for the Others’
‘What’s Wrong’
‘Two Weeks’
‘Half Gate’
‘Sun in Your Eyes’
‘All We Ask’ (Acoustic)