NEW RELEASE TUESDAY! NRT Playlist for June 18, 2013 Streaming on Spotify

July 7, 2013 in New Release Tuesday, Now Stream This! by rock6847


July 18th brought out some of the most eclectic sounds we have heard in a while. We had to dig deep into that musical ocean to pull out these treasures. Most of the bands we found this week were some we had never heard of before, and stumping our unit at Rock Cousteau is not that easy. We were happy to see local band Beach Day release their new album and Tauk, a band we met and spoke with at The Hangout 2012, release their sophomore effort, Homunculous. Check out our Spotify playlist that includes new releases from Primal Scream, Holy Folk, Beach Day, The Mantles, Heliotropes, Tauk, Empire of the Sun, The City and Horses, Hospital Ships, Sigur Ros and Rusty Truck. This might be the best summer playlist, yet!