NEW ARTIST INTRO! Machines Are People Too Gets Ready to Release Nickels & Dimes on 7/23/13

July 22, 2013 in New Artist Intros, New single, New Video Release by rock6847


If you are looking for synth-rock with a side of smiles, Nashville-based quartet, Machines Are People Too are all you need. Nickels & Dimes, expected for release on tommorow, (7/23), kicks off with ‘Get Up,’ a track that immediately catches your attention and captures a bit of what the energy might be like if you saw them live. The children’s choir singing along in the background give warmth to the track that easily focuses on good feelings and happiness. ‘Get Up’ and most of the tracks on the album find that youthfulness that we all yearn for on a daily basis.

Songs like ‘I’m Alright’ confirm that regardless of all the confusion we all feel on a daily basis, we can take comfort in the fact that we are generally all “okay”. That confirmation declared in a song is sometimes what everyone needs to move forward and onto the next day. The strong self-awareness continues in ‘Do What You Love’ and the song title, by itself, hints at what you would expect. ‘Do What You Love,’ tells you “There’s nothing that you cannot do.” Again, the tune incorporates the children performing back-up en mass. It’s fresh, it’s simple and it makes people happy.   Check out the video below for ‘Do What You Love,’ directed by Dylan Adams, the perfect compliment to their happy sounds.

The final track, ‘Can’t Keep Running’ is a mellower tune that reminds you to slow the f*@k down, face your challenges and deal with them. If you grab the EP on iTunes, you’ll be entitled to a bonus track called ‘Our Time.’ Another great track that tugs at your emotions and makes you examine yourself in an introspective way.

Before listening to this EP, I considered a life coach or a therapist, but not anymore. MRP2 is that support system, that pep talk and that musical friend you have been waiting for. If you like Matt & Kim, Passion Pit, Phoenix or Youngblood Hawke, you will most certainly enjoy this band and this album.

Tracklisting for Nickels & Dimes:

1. Get Up
2. Wait
3. I’m Alright
4. Do What You Love
5. Can’t Keep Running
6. Our Time (Bonus Track)

Tour Dates:

07/19 – Altanta, GA @ Vinyl
07/20 – Chattanooga, TN @ JJ’s Bohemia
08/01 – Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
08/02 – Milwaukee, WI @ Lake Island State Park
08/04 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
09/01 – Indianapolis, IN @ Broad Ripple Park
09/13 – Athens, GA @ Rivalry Music Festival