VOYAGES OF RC! Marilyn Manson Gets Freaky at The Fillmore Miami Beach (7/21/13)

July 22, 2013 in Performances, SO FLO ROCKS!, Voyages of Rock Cousteau by rock6847

Marilyn Manson FMB36

Theatrics, thrashing guitars, wobbly keyboards and an audience clad in all black can best describe last night’s concert by “former” shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. Having seen Marilyn Manson opened by Danzig at the Sunrise Musical Theater over twenty years ago, I can credibly state that time has taken its toll on the the pied piper of goth. A little bit softer and somewhat less theatrical than what I remembered from that show in July of 1992, Marilyn Manson, at 44, can still put on a entertaining show.

The crowd, swelling with fans made up in stage make-up, adorned with piercings and tattoos in various places was ready for Marilyn Manson to take control. And, the costumes, did I tell you about the costumes?! Truly, it was a delight for the eyes to see what people could come up with for this show. Torn fishnet stockings, high heeled shoes, boots, skirts, shorts, pasties under fishnet tops, smudged black eyeliner on both men and women, face makeup and so much more! The show hadn’t kicked off, yet the spectacle had already begun.

Before Manson (f/k/a Brian Warner) took the stage, Hollywood, California’s Picture Me Broken performed a short, but sweet set. The most notable song title, ‘Skin and Bones,’ was introduced as a track that was meant for “anyone who has struggled with addiction.” Lead singer’s, Brooklyn Allman’s “showmanship stylings” sincerely complimented the likes of Marilyn Manson. While everyone was enjoying the opening act, they were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Marilyn Manson.

After Picture Me Broken, a black sheet was unfurled from the lighting to disguise the stage before Manson’s arrival. Casting only a shadow, Manson approaches the black sheet from behind before it’s removed to reveal a stage adorned with oversized occult-related double crossed symbols and a leather-clad, make-up laden Manson.

Marilyn Manson, if you didn’t already know, is an American industrial metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The current members of Marilyn Manson are the eponymous lead singer, guitarist Twiggy Ramirez (who previously played bass), bassist Fred Sablan and touring drummer Jason Sutter. If you were a die-hard Manson fan, as it seemed most of the audience was, he played everything they wanted to hear. But it wasn’t until ‘The Dope Show’ that all things Manson would come flooding back. While it was difficult to see him writhing on the stage floor, he appeared to be doing this at least a few times. Manson’s set included numerous quick set changes, with the stage turning black and the lights slowly coming back on. The intense theatrics continued as he managed to pull out props before every song. Whether it was a feather boa, a top hat or walking on stilts with polio styled crutches, the props kept coming.

Lead guitarist, Twiggy Ramirez, performed a few memorable guitar solos. But the most endearing part of the performance was watching the interaction between Manson and Ramirez. During one point of the show, Manson stood atop Ramirez and purportedly humped his head and towards the end of the show, Manson lovingly caressed Twiggy’s face, just as you would a young offspring. Given that their relationship is a long one, their interaction was refreshing to see on stage.

What wasn’t refreshing, was seeing 40 plus year old men continuing to propel their bodies into each other (and us) for their own entertainment. Regardless of your gender, it’s really not enjoyable to have sweaty, drunk men rub their body jizz all over you. The 90’s called, they don’t want moshing back!

Returning to the true entertainment of the evening, Manson appears with his back facing the audience, adoring himself before a dressing room mirror. Off to the side of the mirror was a bunch of red, white and blue balloons that he ultimately carried in his mouth towards the audience and set free as the band kicked into a Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.” Two words, “entertaining showmanship”.

Completing a few more quick set changes, Manson performs Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams.’ Standing almost 10 feet tall on stilts, with those crutches I mentioned earlier, on an eerily smoky set, Marilyn showed off his vocal range and ability to cover other people’s songs.

‘Sweet Dreams’ ends and the band disappears briefly, as stage hands began setting up his famous “podium”. Manson eventually appears behind the podium as an anti-government leader on a set covered with the band’s well known Antichrist symbols for ‘Anti-Christ Superstar’. There seemed to be a few glitches in the performance as Manson leans over the podium and begs the stage hand for one of the microphones that dropped off too far away. Despite the hiccup, he quickly regains the superstar vibe.

While it wasn’t the last song, Manson kicks off the next song with “I’ll tell you what, this is the last song of a 163 god damn shows…..This is where it starts and this is where it ends, baby. The Beautiful People.” The show nearly ends with a hard-core performance of ‘The Beautiful People,’ as white confetti swirls around the Fillmore like a blizzard. But, before calling it a night, they pull out one more track for this homecoming performance, ‘Irresponsible Hate Anthem’ and Manson does the scariest thing, ever. He attempts to play guitar. This is where it really ends.

1. Angel With the Scabbed Wings
2. Disposable Teens
3. No Reflection
4. Little Horn
5. The Dope Show
6. Rock Is Dead
7. Disassociative
8. Personal Jesus
(Depeche Mode cover)
10. Crazy on You
(Heart Cover)
11. This Is the New Shit
12. Sweet Dreams
(Eurythmics cover)
13. Antichrist Superstar
14. The Beautiful People
15. Irresponsible Hate Anthem