NOW STREAM THIS! ‘Best Type of Regret’ is One You’ll Always Regret by Records and Tapes

July 28, 2013 in Now Stream This! by rock6847


Records and Tapes is a project created by Miami’s Homegrown producer and multi-instrumentalist, Fernando Perdomo and Vertical Horizon and Five For Fighting/vocalist, Jennifer Jo Oberle. The two have come together as Records & Tapes to create a magnificent track entitled, ‘Best Type of Regret’ at their first writing session, along with Rick Torres (The Smart Set). Also on the song are Miami native, Robbie Gennet on keys and Remy Zero’s Leslie Van Trease on drums. On the track, Perdomo’s guitar compliments Oberle’s vocals to perfection. The lyrics are deep and the music is memorable, but most of all, you’ll love it.