FESTIVALS! Respectable Street’s 26th Anniversary Block Party w/ Cold Cave and more! (8/24/13)

July 31, 2013 in Festivals, SO FLO ROCKS! by rock6847

Respectable Street 26th block party

On Saturday, August 24th, to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Respectable Street , they’ll be throwing a massive Block Party with an unbelievable lineup.  26 bands and 4 stages with Cold Cave headlining, open bar from 8-9pm, free pizza and ping pong ball blast at midnight for cash and prizes. Not sure what a ping pong ball blast is, but there are cash and prizes if you win!

In addition to headliner, Cold Cave, some of South Florida’s best original talent will be performing. See the awesome lineup below:

Jacuzzi Boys
The Band In Heaven
Beach Day
Astari Nite
Deaf Poets
Bonnie Riot
Darling Sweets
The Drip Effect
Leading the Heroes
Gravel Kings
Hunters of the Alps
Raggy Monster
The Ruins
The Dewars
Ordinary Boys
The 33 1/3s
Pretty Girls
A New Way to Live Forever

(revised/modified to add set times on 8/22/13)

Street Stage:
Cold Cave 12:05
Jacuzzi Boys 11:15
Beach Day 10:30
Everymen 9:45
Astari Nite 9:00
33 1/3rds 8:15

RSC Stage:
Deaf Poets 12:15
Ordinary Boys 11:30
Rebel 10:45
Leading the Heroes 10:00
Hunters of the Alps 9:15
WeHo 8:30

RSC outside:
Darling Sweets 12:330
Band In Heaven 11:45
Retrocities 11:00
Bonnie Riot 10:15
Ruins 9:30
Gravel Kings 8:45

Galliminus 12:30
Indigovox 11:45
Drip Effect 11:00
Boxwood 10:15

Raggy Monster 12:30
The Dewars 11:45
Pretty Girls 11:00
A New Way to Live Forever 10:15