VOYAGES OF RC! Respectable Street’s 26th Anniversary Block Party on Clematis Street, WPB (8/24/13)

August 28, 2013 in Voyages of Rock Cousteau by rock6847

Respectable Street 26th block party

26 bands, 4 stages, free pizza, free booze, free ping pong balls and everyone’s respect to celebrate the 26th Anniversary of Respectable Street’s existence in West Palm Beach.

The evening kicked off on the main stage located in the middle of Clematis Street with Hollywood local garage band favorite, The 33 and 1/3s and they wouldn’t be the only band including brothers that night. After grabbing some delicious eats at sidewalk restaurant, we got to catch another South Florida favorite, Astari Nite. This was our first time seeing the “new wave post-dark band and we would definitely see them again. Our next stop on this wild ride would be Everymen. Simply stated, if you like Gogol Bordello, this is the band for you! There are violins, mandolins, an upright bass and even a banjo! Everyman is a high-energy, foot-stomping band that really knows how to entertain a crowd. We were just too eager to get up close and personal. The violinist even stood on the upright bass, as it was being played upon!

Next up on the main stage was Beach Day, another one of Hollywood’s finest. Beach Day sounds exactly as you would expect, based on their name. It’s 60’s Surf, Girl Group Garage and we are proud to call them our own. Taking a break in between sets, we were constantly greeted by the man with whacky hair. You’ll know it when you see it.

Check out the finest doodle of the evening, courtesy of artist, Brian Butler of The Upper Hand Art.


Inside Respectable Street’s main stage, Rebel was up for their set. This alternative band hails from Miami and again, never hearing them before, we were blown away. But, alas, back to the main stage outside where Miami’s home-grown, post-punk, garage band, Jacuzzi Boys, were getting ready to set up. As we have mentioned many times before, you don’t want to miss The Jacuzzi Boys. Despite the fact that Gabriel wasn’t entirely pleased with the sound check, they pulled off a magnificent set, performing some of their yet to be released tracks from their upcoming eponymous album, due out in September. Check out ‘Fruits’ below:

The final sets we got to catch were Ordinary Boys inside Respectable Street, the Morrissey tribute band; Pretty Girls and The Dewars at Longboards; Cold Cave on the main stage; and Deaf Poets inside Respectable Street. And, as promised, the canon of ping pong balls and confetti went off without a hitch. Who doesn’t love ping pong balls coming out of a canon? Sadly, we would have to miss The Band in Heaven,  Boxwood and a few more favorites. So, while there were so many bands, on so many stages, we caught up with 11 of the 26 bands performing. I’d say South Florida really does rock. Happy Birthday, Respectable Street!