VOYAGES OF RC! Jacuzzi Boys Album Release Show w/ Kenny Millions, Rat Bastard and Shark Valley Sisters @ Churchill’s Pub Miami (9/7/13)

September 12, 2013 in New Release Tuesday, Now Stream This!, Voyages of Rock Cousteau by rock6847

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The excitement was brewing as we entered Churchill’s Pub last Saturday night. Excitement over the fact that Jacuzzi Boys’ 3rd album would be released in just a few days, excitement that they would perform before all their adoring fans, and excitement that Shark Valley Sisters would fill our ears with pleasant tunes. As we have been following the Jacuzzi Boys, we have noticed one thing, this band is getting better every single time they perform. Miami’s own has been gaining traction all over the world, as their eponymous 3rd album has been streaming on Pitchfork Advance and they continue to be the focus of attention in a few mainstream publications. Below, you’ll find our photos capturing all the fantastic moments throughout the evening.

But before Jacuzzi Boys would hit the stage, Miami’s freaky merchants of rock, Kenny Millions and Rat Bastard, got a chance to shake their tail feathers for us all. These Miami legends shared their signature sounds with loud saxophones and guitar noise, all well complimented by hardcore porn streaming at their backs.

Between sets, DJs Tom Tuna and Regurgitate spun some awesome sounds, as person after person continued to flow into Churchill’s. Shark Valley Sisters, a duo comprised of Rob Elba and Fausto Figueredo, would sandwich the freaky merchants of rock and the “Hot Tub Boys”. Rob and Fausto would shed their previous membership in Load and The Holy Terrors to create this new punk republic in Shark Valley Sisters. Although we have seen them perform in their previous incarnations, this was our first live exposure to Shark Valley Sisters. There might not be enough adjectives to describe our first impression of this band, but “awesome” pretty much sums it up. SVS is simply a stunning punk rock duo with just the right amount of attitude. SVS is a drummer and guitarist, that’s it. One thing ring trues with these guys, they LOVE what they do. Prince and the Punk combines a variety of old-school sounds with original flava-flave. Just listen and you’ll come to your own conclusions. Below, you’ll get a chance to listen to their debut album, Prince and the Punk.

Churchill’s Pub, otherwise known as the “birthplace” of the Jacuzzi Boys, was prepared for an onslaught of sound, as the audience gathered together gracefully to see what might possibly develop this time around. Everything felt complete, as the crowd continued to swell, Diego set up the fog machine, and the Jacuzzi Gals took their rightful spot on the stage alongside the band.

As he thanked the crowd for coming out, Gabriel’s signature locks streamed over his eyes and he shot into a set that would include a healthy mix of the new and old. As the evening continued, space inside the venue would diminish and various dance moves would ensue. At some point, Diego was motioning for someone to get a bottle of champagne so he could spray the crowd, but the message didn’t get across clearly and ultimately led to someone at the bar spraying the stage, the band and some of the audience with a bottle of champagne. Sometimes, communication gets lost.

Why did this show mean so much to us? What made this show so important? This “event” was simply an acknowledgement to ourselves and the rest of the world that rock music has found a place in South Florida and we are a point on the map where music lives.



For more great insight into Jacuzzi Boys’ new album, check out the album review here on Consequence of Sound written by one of South Florida’s finest writers, David Von Bader.