NOW STREAM THIS! 3 Tracks From of Montreal’s Next Album lousy with sylvianbriar

September 13, 2013 in New single, News You Can Use, Now Stream This! by rock6847


On October 8th via Polyvinyl, Athen’s based of Montreal’s will unleash its 12th effort in the form of a psychedelic pop drama entitled lousy with sylvianbriar. This yet-to-be-released 11-track album follows last year’s Paralytic Stalks and the Daughter of Cloud rarities compilation. Stream the tunes below and you’ll quickly be swept up into the drama that is of Montreal.



lousy with sylvianbriar track listing:

1. fugitive air
2. obsidian currents
3. belle glade missionairies
4. sirens of your toxic spirit
5. colossus
6. triumph of disintegration
7. amphibian days
8. she ain’t speakin’ now
9. hegira émigré
10. raindrop in my skull
11. imbecile rages

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