LATE NIGHT APPEARANCES! Lorde Debut Appearance on Late Night with David Letterman (11/12/13)

November 14, 2013 in late night appearances, Now Stream This!, Performances by rock6847


It is with great delight that we watch Lorde’s career flourish here in the States. Her success is grounded in the fact that she is talented, exciting to watch and just plain beautiful. Her music is dark, sincere and thoughtful. Lana Del Rey, take notes. We appreciate artists becoming successful on something more than looks alone. While she continues to promote her debut album, Pure Heroine, New Zealand native, Lorde performed on Late Night with David Letterman (11/12/13).

Lorde chose to kick-off her Letterman appearance with the second single off the album, ‘Team.’ In addition to the appearance on Late Night, Lorde performed for the new Live on Letterman webcast at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, which features a half-hour set from the artist and a few more tracks from the album, including ‘Buzzcut Season,’ ‘Ribs’ and ‘White Teeth Teens’. Both performances are below.