NEW ARTIST INTRO! The Vilifiers Take South Florida by Storm (after hurricane season, of course)

November 14, 2013 in New Artist Intros by rock6847


Well, South Florida is teeming with fantastic, original live acts and now we have yet another one to introduce to you, The Vilifiers. Hailing from Miami, this band “represents f@#king rock and roll”. Who are The Vilifiers? They are a four piece unit consisting of Nicolas Jiminez on guitar, Anthony Fernandez on vocals, Albert Mugarra on bass, and Arles Flores on drums. Playing together for two years, they used to be called The Mirrors, but were forced to change the name because of some legal crap. The foundation of their sound lies in 70’s mainstream rock. Think Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and The Beatles, but make no mistake, these four gentlemen are four very different people when it comes to music. The guitarist, Nicolas, can best be described as a Melomaniac (on who has an excessive or abnormal attraction to music) that finds his roots in Jimmy Page and prefers to call ‘Whole Lotta Love’ his anthem song; the bassist, Albert, is into the depths of punk rock; the drummer, Arles, is a heavy metal dude; and vocalist, Anthony, can be best described as someone who’ll do anything for indie, but listen carefully and you’ll find that he’s channeling Jello Biafra. The guitarist, Nicolas, recalls a great description given to him by a bartender at Churchill’s Pub who once said they sound like The Stooges mixed with Jet.

Go Go Go, their debut album, was recorded at Magnetron Studios and is ready for your ears. Check out the video for their fifth track, ‘Denis-tination unknown’ below and after that, stream the entire album.

Check them out @ Will Call Miami Friday, November 15th, 2014 (that’s tomorrow) for the Go Go Go CD Release Party!