NOW STREAM THIS! Aaron Freeman Puts Gene Ween to Rest

November 16, 2013 in Now Stream This! by rock6847

Aaron Freeman @ Blackbird Ordinary15

Via his Bandcamp page, Aaron Freeman releases demos that represent the final writings and music of his beloved alter-ego, Gene Ween. While having announced the “unofficial” death of Ween last year via a Rolling Stone interview, with this proclamation, he puts the finishing touches on an official burial of Gene Ween in an effort to allow his inner “FREEMAN” to emerge. We have, and always will, support Aaron as an artist, a musician and a human being. As stated on his Bandcamp page, “after 20+ years of near-fatal drug & alcohol abuse (thankfully culminating with intensive but successful rehab), AARON FREEMAN (aka Gene Ween) was left in a dire financial situation. All proceeds will go directly to Aaron, as he continues down the path toward creative freedom and personal health.” Aaron provides his fans with a two word personal statement: “Stay tuned.”