VOYAGES OF RC! Lily Allen w/ Samsaya: The Sheezus Tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach (9/9/14)

September 15, 2014 in Voyages of Rock Cousteau by rock6847

Photos and review by Derek Kearney

Lily Allen at the Fillmore Miami-12

Oh yes, it was “Lady’s Night” at the Fillmore last Tuesday night with various versions of Girl Power on display. The main headliner, Lily Allen, on her Sheezus Tour, showed a lot of sass that complimented her British cheekiness, while supporting act, Samsaya, performed power-kicking, shimmy shakin’ gurl music. The evening began early with Samsaya, and her one red-hearted eye, kickin’ in a nice rockin’ groove along with her band’s brand of power pop. In addition to the power pop, songs like ‘Stereotype’ and ‘Bombay Calling’ carried just a hint of Bollywood rhythms. Samsaya brought energetic, infectious grooves and pranced about the stage in her classic Converse All-Stars.

Once Lily Allen appeared with her sexy dance crew, she crept upon the stage to the slow, deep-bass beat groove of her anti-pop princess anthem ‘Sheezus.’ And, although the album has only been out for a few months, the crowd of Lily faithfuls sang right along. Her new album can definitely described as a pop upgrade and is more accessible to a broader audience. Despite the fact that she has returned from a lengthy child bearing break, as wife and mom of two, this didn’t stop her from expressing naughty-mouthed fun girl style. If fans were expecting to see a pop star in mom jeans, they’d be disappointed, as there was no hint of rust on the Fillmore’s stage. Rather, Lily looked lean and fabulous in her short mini-dress and black stillettos. This was the fun girl we all knew from the past, ready to party with the crowd. New songs, ‘As Long As I Got You,’ ‘Our Time’ (a personal fav), and ‘Hard Out Here’ blended perfectly with the older favorites such as, ‘The Fear,’ ‘LDN,’ ‘L8CMMR,’ and ‘Smile.’ Lily’s witty crowd banter, spoken with her strong Cockney accent, was more like that of a “former party girl.” She’s still that fun, cute BFF that we always hung out with and had a great time. And even though she’s officially all grown up, Lily can still throw a happenin’ party.