VOYAGES OF RC! The Reflektors (a/k/a Arcade Fire) @ Little Haiti’s Cultural Center, Miami, FL (10/24/13)

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The Reflektors a/k/a Arcade Fire
As I listen to Arcade Fire’s new album release today (Reflektor), I am immediately drawn back into the their most recent live performance at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami the Thursday before (10/24/13). The first track, Reflektor, is rich, full and filled with an infectious sound that you can’t help, but groove to. Seeing this track performed live, well, there are few words to really describe the energy. The energy that flowed through my veins as I danced, moved and grooved. Reflektor, perhaps one of the most anticipated albums of 2013, continues to delight the ears, but as with any fabulously talented band, the live experience brings much more to the table.

On Monday, October 14th, we received the announcement that Arcade Fire would perform a very special show at Little Haiti’s Cultural Center on Thursday, October 24th. It wouldn’t be too long before we’d find a way to be there. The event would be put together by our local “world music” organization, The Rhythm Foundation, a wonderful organization that supports great music from all over the world. This performance would be part of their series, “Big Night in Little Haiti.” The band wouldn’t be performing as Arcade Fire, but rather, as The Reflektors. Not only would they perform under a different band name, but the band requested that everyone dress up either in a costume or formal wear. To address their requirement, I complied and dressed in both.

Shortly after the announcement of the show in Little Haiti, the band announced another show the day before at a smaller indoor venue, Mekkah. We had already committed to the Thursday show and left it at that. Frankly, we were over the moon about being able to see them in Florida for the first time, regardless whether it was the first show or the second show. This was ARCADE FIRE, in our own hometown of Miami. The anticipation of seeing this band in our own backyard was more than anyone could handle and the buzz in South Florida was beyond anything I think I had ever seen before.

So, here comes the night, a night filled with masks, painted faces, costumes and formal wear. Fans were willing to give in to temptation and this definitely made the evening that much more colorful. The show was called for 7pm, but the band didn’t actually hit the stage until well after 9pm. Before they get onto the stage, there is a full-on Haitian parade, what they refer to as “Karnaval”. The parade includes the Haitian flag being waved high atop the heads of the audience, a few drummers, dancers, children on shoulders and very simple trumpets. As I listen to ‘Here Comes the Night Time,’ I am quickly reminded of the Karnaval and all the energy swirling around me. Getting sucked into it all becomes second nature. See the video below.

Shortly after the Karnaval, The Reflektors take their rightful spots on the stage and the crowd is overwhelmed with joy. They kick off the show with ‘Reflektor’ and of course, the crowd goes wild with excitement. By this time, it had become a butts-to-nuts situation, but everyone was willing to accept this. Despite the tight spot we’d all willingly succumb to, we were happy, smiling fans. At one point, things got so tight, a man chose to climb a dividing wall and we all screamed, “Spiderman!”. The set was short, but seriously sweet, including tunes from Reflektor and a few from albums past. Régine Chassagne, who is of Haitian decent, and Win Butler both made heartfelt pleas to the audience to support initiatives meant to help the folks in Haiti become more self-sufficient. They shared with the audience that a portion of the proceeds from the show would go to this truly worthy cause.

While the evening would definitely take a toll on everyone’s workweek, we all knew we had witnessed something special and felt the human connection between artist and audience.

VOYAGES OF RC! A Magical Evening w/ Brian Wilson, Jeff Beck, David Marks and Al Jardine @ Hard Rock Live Hollywood, FL (9/27/13)

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Jeff Beck and Brian Wilson @ HRL 9/27/13

One word can easily describe the evening for us, “magical.” We’ll let Mr. David Vön Bader say the rest. Click here for his spectacular written review at Consequence of Sound.

Enjoy our photographic and video review below.


VOYAGES OF RC! Depeche Mode – The Delta Machine Tour w/ Bat for Lashes @ BB&T Center, Sunrise, FL (9/15/13)

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Depeche Mode15

At a time when 80’s new wave bands are struggling to stay relevant, Depeche Mode breaks free from all conventions. Judging from their looks and display of high energy, you’d NEVER know these musicians were in their 50s. Not only is this British electronic new wave band moving better than musicians half their age, they are doing so, all while filling up arenas capable of holding 15,000 people or more, just as they did Sunday night (9/15/13) appearing at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL on the Delta Machine Tour.

Before Depeche Mode would take the stage, Natasha Khan a/k/a Bat For Lashes opened the evening to deliver her dramatic goth-inspired set reminiscent of The Cure, Kate Bush and Bjork. While it was a great opportunity, the BB&T Center may have been a bit less accommodating for a band better suited for performing in a tiny, dark venue.

Khan was clothed in a gorgeous floor length, black and white striped, backless gown. Her sultry presence clearly matching the mood of each song, as she gently writhed around the stage area allotted for her band. They closed out the set with the simply steamy, dreamy tune, ‘Daniel,’ but by now, you could tell that the audience was patient, yet anticipating the headlining act.

Dave Gahan, at the tender age of 51, sweat, swaggered and swooned the audience, and he did so while enjoying every moment. If this was work for Gahan, you could hardly tell, as he wore a perma-smile the entire night. And moves, well not likely those like Jagger, but certainly intense. He gyrated, he spun and he swirled himself around. He even swirled, while he twirled his mic stand like baton.

After the opening song, ‘Welcome to My World’ off Delta Machine, Gahan disrobed and revealed his black vest with gold backing. He continued the vest theme for the entire evening, switching them out during the night, but at one point, the vest would come off completely.

Before getting too sexy, Depeche Mode found a way to tap into the most emotional parts of the audience when they performed ‘Precious’ with a backdrop of dogs displayed sitting on a sidewalk, one at a time. I think I got a lump in my throat. Thankfully, they quickly took us out of the somber moment when they kicked it up a notch with ‘Black Celebration’. The evenings’ mood was accurately summed up with ‘Soothe My Soul,’ a track from the latest album, Delta Machine, as Gahan leapt onto a riser to shamelessly shook his tail feather.

Despite Gahan’s attractive and enjoyable display of energy, head songwriter, Martin Gore was capable of capturing the attention of the audience during his solo moments during songs ‘Home ‘ and ‘But Not Tonight’. Surely, Gore had his work cut out for him, as Gahan’s “in-your-face” audience appeals would be hard to match. And, where was Gahan during all of this? Adoring his bandmate, Gore with graceful bows.

For a band that has been in existence over 30 years, Depeche Mode has also found a way to successfully integrate their greatest hits with new material. A monstrous feat that has boggled the minds of established bands for years.

‘Enjoy the Silence’ off their 1990 album, Violator, was performed with a sexy video backdrop looping incremental movements of nude female contortionists being filmed whilst lying upon glass. During this sexy display, Gore takes center stage to play his electric guitar.

Now, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t hear them perform, ‘Personal Jesus,’ which began with a very slow tempo, but eventually found its way up to the more recognizable tempo. Everyone would ultimately oblige Gahan’s request to “reach out and touch faith.”

The concert would soon come to an end, but not before a five song encore and not before he turned us all on by tugging upon his low-rise waistband during ‘I Feel You.’ When does this love affair between Gahan and the audience end? Hopefully, not too soon because we still hadn’t yet experienced early 80’s Depeche Mode. Then it happens, their 1981 hit single, ‘Just Can’t Get Enough.’

After sincerely enjoying an evening with Depeche Mode, a band filled with a rich and colorful history, it becomes clear that not only is this is a band we have all matured with, but a band that has truly matured with its fans.

Depeche Mode setlist:

Welcome to My World
Walking in My Shoes
Black Celebration
Policy of Truth
Should Be Higher
Barrel of a Gun
The Child Inside
But Not Tonight
(Acoustic: Sung by Martin)
Soothe My Soul
A Pain That I’m Used To
(‘Jacques Lu Cont’s Remix’ version)
A Question of Time
Enjoy the Silence
Personal Jesus

(‘Goldfrapp Remix’ version)
Just Can’t Get Enough
I Feel You
Never Let Me Down Again

VOYAGES OF RC! Jacuzzi Boys Album Release Show w/ Kenny Millions, Rat Bastard and Shark Valley Sisters @ Churchill’s Pub Miami (9/7/13)

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JBs album release 20

The excitement was brewing as we entered Churchill’s Pub last Saturday night. Excitement over the fact that Jacuzzi Boys’ 3rd album would be released in just a few days, excitement that they would perform before all their adoring fans, and excitement that Shark Valley Sisters would fill our ears with pleasant tunes. As we have been following the Jacuzzi Boys, we have noticed one thing, this band is getting better every single time they perform. Miami’s own has been gaining traction all over the world, as their eponymous 3rd album has been streaming on Pitchfork Advance and they continue to be the focus of attention in a few mainstream publications. Below, you’ll find our photos capturing all the fantastic moments throughout the evening.

But before Jacuzzi Boys would hit the stage, Miami’s freaky merchants of rock, Kenny Millions and Rat Bastard, got a chance to shake their tail feathers for us all. These Miami legends shared their signature sounds with loud saxophones and guitar noise, all well complimented by hardcore porn streaming at their backs.

Between sets, DJs Tom Tuna and Regurgitate spun some awesome sounds, as person after person continued to flow into Churchill’s. Shark Valley Sisters, a duo comprised of Rob Elba and Fausto Figueredo, would sandwich the freaky merchants of rock and the “Hot Tub Boys”. Rob and Fausto would shed their previous membership in Load and The Holy Terrors to create this new punk republic in Shark Valley Sisters. Although we have seen them perform in their previous incarnations, this was our first live exposure to Shark Valley Sisters. There might not be enough adjectives to describe our first impression of this band, but “awesome” pretty much sums it up. SVS is simply a stunning punk rock duo with just the right amount of attitude. SVS is a drummer and guitarist, that’s it. One thing ring trues with these guys, they LOVE what they do. Prince and the Punk combines a variety of old-school sounds with original flava-flave. Just listen and you’ll come to your own conclusions. Below, you’ll get a chance to listen to their debut album, Prince and the Punk.

Churchill’s Pub, otherwise known as the “birthplace” of the Jacuzzi Boys, was prepared for an onslaught of sound, as the audience gathered together gracefully to see what might possibly develop this time around. Everything felt complete, as the crowd continued to swell, Diego set up the fog machine, and the Jacuzzi Gals took their rightful spot on the stage alongside the band.

As he thanked the crowd for coming out, Gabriel’s signature locks streamed over his eyes and he shot into a set that would include a healthy mix of the new and old. As the evening continued, space inside the venue would diminish and various dance moves would ensue. At some point, Diego was motioning for someone to get a bottle of champagne so he could spray the crowd, but the message didn’t get across clearly and ultimately led to someone at the bar spraying the stage, the band and some of the audience with a bottle of champagne. Sometimes, communication gets lost.

Why did this show mean so much to us? What made this show so important? This “event” was simply an acknowledgement to ourselves and the rest of the world that rock music has found a place in South Florida and we are a point on the map where music lives.



For more great insight into Jacuzzi Boys’ new album, check out the album review here on Consequence of Sound written by one of South Florida’s finest writers, David Von Bader.

VOYAGES OF RC! Respectable Street’s 26th Anniversary Block Party on Clematis Street, WPB (8/24/13)

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Respectable Street 26th block party

26 bands, 4 stages, free pizza, free booze, free ping pong balls and everyone’s respect to celebrate the 26th Anniversary of Respectable Street’s existence in West Palm Beach.

The evening kicked off on the main stage located in the middle of Clematis Street with Hollywood local garage band favorite, The 33 and 1/3s and they wouldn’t be the only band including brothers that night. After grabbing some delicious eats at sidewalk restaurant, we got to catch another South Florida favorite, Astari Nite. This was our first time seeing the “new wave post-dark band and we would definitely see them again. Our next stop on this wild ride would be Everymen. Simply stated, if you like Gogol Bordello, this is the band for you! There are violins, mandolins, an upright bass and even a banjo! Everyman is a high-energy, foot-stomping band that really knows how to entertain a crowd. We were just too eager to get up close and personal. The violinist even stood on the upright bass, as it was being played upon!

Next up on the main stage was Beach Day, another one of Hollywood’s finest. Beach Day sounds exactly as you would expect, based on their name. It’s 60’s Surf, Girl Group Garage and we are proud to call them our own. Taking a break in between sets, we were constantly greeted by the man with whacky hair. You’ll know it when you see it.

Check out the finest doodle of the evening, courtesy of artist, Brian Butler of The Upper Hand Art.


Inside Respectable Street’s main stage, Rebel was up for their set. This alternative band hails from Miami and again, never hearing them before, we were blown away. But, alas, back to the main stage outside where Miami’s home-grown, post-punk, garage band, Jacuzzi Boys, were getting ready to set up. As we have mentioned many times before, you don’t want to miss The Jacuzzi Boys. Despite the fact that Gabriel wasn’t entirely pleased with the sound check, they pulled off a magnificent set, performing some of their yet to be released tracks from their upcoming eponymous album, due out in September. Check out ‘Fruits’ below:

The final sets we got to catch were Ordinary Boys inside Respectable Street, the Morrissey tribute band; Pretty Girls and The Dewars at Longboards; Cold Cave on the main stage; and Deaf Poets inside Respectable Street. And, as promised, the canon of ping pong balls and confetti went off without a hitch. Who doesn’t love ping pong balls coming out of a canon? Sadly, we would have to miss The Band in Heaven,  Boxwood and a few more favorites. So, while there were so many bands, on so many stages, we caught up with 11 of the 26 bands performing. I’d say South Florida really does rock. Happy Birthday, Respectable Street!

VOYAGES OF RC! Metric w/ Jacuzzi Boys @ The Fillmore Miami Beach (8/1/13)

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JBs and Metric7

On August 1st, Toronto based Metric set out to deliver one of their best live rock performances and we were fortunate to witness this deliverance at The Fillmore Miami Beach. Metric and opening band, Jacuzzi Boys, were taking part in the Bud Light 50/50/1, (50 bands, 50 states, one night). Other bands included in this event around the United States included, The Flaming Lips, Minus the Bear, Empire of the Sun, Best Coast, Gogol Bordello, The Hold Steady, Dr. Dog and so much more.

Metric have been described as indie/alternative rock infused with new wave, post-punk revival, synthpop and dance-rock. What you will find are prominent synthesizers in every one of their songs. Metric can hardly be described as a “new” band, but after almost 15 years and 5 albums, they continue to produce memorable music that make references to sociology, love, heartbreak, and life.

On the other hand, Jacuzzi Boys, Miami’s homegrown garage-rock, surf-punk, indie band proudly makes their inaugural appearance on The Fillmore Miami Beach’s main stage to open for Metric. And, if you haven’t yet seen the Jacuzzi Boys perform live, you haven’t seen shit.

Jacuzzi Boys includes lead singer and guitarist, Gabriel Alcala; drummer, Diego Monasterios; and bassist, Danny Gonzales. Typically, we have been used to seeing the JBs turn every show into one big dance party that has always included the Jacuzzi Gals, (a gaggle of women that either cover the stage with their derriers or dance on the stage during their performances). So, while the Gals wouldn’t be dancing on the stage and the crowd was probably focused on seeing Metric, the Jacuzzi Boys introduced themselves to a whole new audience. After speaking to a few Metric fans, I found out that a majority of them overwhelmingly enjoyed the JBs. Kicking into the first number of the set, ‘In the Street’ and quickly following up with ‘Domino’ (off their yet to be released new album), they easily proved to this virtually unknown audience that they could be the band they embrace forever. At first blush, it would seem that the Jacuzzi Boys are a super mellow trio, but get ready, as their ambitious efforts will soon lead them to releasing their self-titled album of fuzzy, punk tunes on September 10th via Hardly Art.

Jacuzzi Boys setlist:

‘In the Street’
‘Domino Moon’

‘Double Vision’

‘Island Avenue’
‘No Seasons’
‘Black Gloves’
‘Smells Dead’

As Dave, the owner of Churchill’s has repeatedly stated, “this is one of the best bands in Miami,” and he a’int lying.

After Jacuzzi Boys, the lights drop, James Shaw, Joshua Winstead, and Joules Scott-Key (no relation to Francis Scott Key) take the stage to an outpouring of love from the audience, followed up with more cheers for front woman Emily Haines. From the first song, ‘Artificial Nocture,’ it was clear they are group of fine musicians wishing to share their craft with the fans that adore them. Yes, it’s a performance, but it’s marked by an emotional concern for the musician’s own skills and crowd enthusiasm.

Visually, the stage lighting filled The Fillmore with warmth that perpetually enveloped the band throughout the performance. Emily Haines tantalized the audience with her voice, her hair and her unabashed talent for performing live. Even if you weren’t a “super fan” of Metric, this evening was magical, the musicians were suberb and you instantly fell in love with Ms. Haines.

Metric Setlist August 1, 2013 @ Fillmore Miami Beach:

‘Artificial Nocturne’
Youth Without Youth’
Speed the Collapse
‘Dreams So Real
Help, I’m Alive’
Breathing Underwater’
Dead Disco’

Gold Guns Girls
‘Gimme Sympathy’

For this author, the highlights were ‘Synthetica,’ ‘Breathing,’ and ‘Gold Guns Girls’. Introduced as their final song, Metric performed a stunning rendition of ‘Gimme Sympathy’. And, before departing, Emily and the band said goodnight, leaving the crowd even happier then when they first arrived. There are very few bands with longevity, but Metric is one of them.

VOYAGES OF RC! Marilyn Manson Gets Freaky at The Fillmore Miami Beach (7/21/13)

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Marilyn Manson FMB36

Theatrics, thrashing guitars, wobbly keyboards and an audience clad in all black can best describe last night’s concert by “former” shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. Having seen Marilyn Manson opened by Danzig at the Sunrise Musical Theater over twenty years ago, I can credibly state that time has taken its toll on the the pied piper of goth. A little bit softer and somewhat less theatrical than what I remembered from that show in July of 1992, Marilyn Manson, at 44, can still put on a entertaining show.

The crowd, swelling with fans made up in stage make-up, adorned with piercings and tattoos in various places was ready for Marilyn Manson to take control. And, the costumes, did I tell you about the costumes?! Truly, it was a delight for the eyes to see what people could come up with for this show. Torn fishnet stockings, high heeled shoes, boots, skirts, shorts, pasties under fishnet tops, smudged black eyeliner on both men and women, face makeup and so much more! The show hadn’t kicked off, yet the spectacle had already begun.

Before Manson (f/k/a Brian Warner) took the stage, Hollywood, California’s Picture Me Broken performed a short, but sweet set. The most notable song title, ‘Skin and Bones,’ was introduced as a track that was meant for “anyone who has struggled with addiction.” Lead singer’s, Brooklyn Allman’s “showmanship stylings” sincerely complimented the likes of Marilyn Manson. While everyone was enjoying the opening act, they were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Marilyn Manson.

After Picture Me Broken, a black sheet was unfurled from the lighting to disguise the stage before Manson’s arrival. Casting only a shadow, Manson approaches the black sheet from behind before it’s removed to reveal a stage adorned with oversized occult-related double crossed symbols and a leather-clad, make-up laden Manson.

Marilyn Manson, if you didn’t already know, is an American industrial metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The current members of Marilyn Manson are the eponymous lead singer, guitarist Twiggy Ramirez (who previously played bass), bassist Fred Sablan and touring drummer Jason Sutter. If you were a die-hard Manson fan, as it seemed most of the audience was, he played everything they wanted to hear. But it wasn’t until ‘The Dope Show’ that all things Manson would come flooding back. While it was difficult to see him writhing on the stage floor, he appeared to be doing this at least a few times. Manson’s set included numerous quick set changes, with the stage turning black and the lights slowly coming back on. The intense theatrics continued as he managed to pull out props before every song. Whether it was a feather boa, a top hat or walking on stilts with polio styled crutches, the props kept coming.

Lead guitarist, Twiggy Ramirez, performed a few memorable guitar solos. But the most endearing part of the performance was watching the interaction between Manson and Ramirez. During one point of the show, Manson stood atop Ramirez and purportedly humped his head and towards the end of the show, Manson lovingly caressed Twiggy’s face, just as you would a young offspring. Given that their relationship is a long one, their interaction was refreshing to see on stage.

What wasn’t refreshing, was seeing 40 plus year old men continuing to propel their bodies into each other (and us) for their own entertainment. Regardless of your gender, it’s really not enjoyable to have sweaty, drunk men rub their body jizz all over you. The 90’s called, they don’t want moshing back!

Returning to the true entertainment of the evening, Manson appears with his back facing the audience, adoring himself before a dressing room mirror. Off to the side of the mirror was a bunch of red, white and blue balloons that he ultimately carried in his mouth towards the audience and set free as the band kicked into a Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.” Two words, “entertaining showmanship”.

Completing a few more quick set changes, Manson performs Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams.’ Standing almost 10 feet tall on stilts, with those crutches I mentioned earlier, on an eerily smoky set, Marilyn showed off his vocal range and ability to cover other people’s songs.

‘Sweet Dreams’ ends and the band disappears briefly, as stage hands began setting up his famous “podium”. Manson eventually appears behind the podium as an anti-government leader on a set covered with the band’s well known Antichrist symbols for ‘Anti-Christ Superstar’. There seemed to be a few glitches in the performance as Manson leans over the podium and begs the stage hand for one of the microphones that dropped off too far away. Despite the hiccup, he quickly regains the superstar vibe.

While it wasn’t the last song, Manson kicks off the next song with “I’ll tell you what, this is the last song of a 163 god damn shows…..This is where it starts and this is where it ends, baby. The Beautiful People.” The show nearly ends with a hard-core performance of ‘The Beautiful People,’ as white confetti swirls around the Fillmore like a blizzard. But, before calling it a night, they pull out one more track for this homecoming performance, ‘Irresponsible Hate Anthem’ and Manson does the scariest thing, ever. He attempts to play guitar. This is where it really ends.

1. Angel With the Scabbed Wings
2. Disposable Teens
3. No Reflection
4. Little Horn
5. The Dope Show
6. Rock Is Dead
7. Disassociative
8. Personal Jesus
(Depeche Mode cover)
10. Crazy on You
(Heart Cover)
11. This Is the New Shit
12. Sweet Dreams
(Eurythmics cover)
13. Antichrist Superstar
14. The Beautiful People
15. Irresponsible Hate Anthem

VOYAGES OF RC! AmericanaramA Festival of Music feat. Bob Dylan & his Band, Wilco, Bob Weir and My Morning Jacket @ Cruzan Amphitheatre WPB, FL (6/26/13)

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Last night, Wednesday, June 26th, AmericanaramA Festival of Music featuring Bob Dylan and his band kicked off their tour in beautiful West Palm Beach at the Cruzan Amphitheatre. As with many tours that pass through South Florida, it will either be the first or last appearance on the tour. In this case, South Florida was the first stop. Every first gig is met with a healthy dose of fear and a slight amount of anticipation. Despite the unknown, most people we encountered had few expectations and were overjoyed just to be part of this event. AmericanaramA in WPB would be headlined by Bob Dylan & his band supported by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, My Morning Jacket and Wilco.

Excitement for this festival definitely came from seeing Rock and Roll titans sandwiching two of the most talented, regularly touring bands out there. Bob Dylan should be applauded for ushering the introduction of My Morning Jacket and Wilco to a whole new demographic. After both bands performed, one Weir and Dylan fan noted, “I could easily see how my head would explode if I was into MMJ back in the day.” In that regard, Dylan’s introduction of these bands could be deemed a success.

However, one could posit that there didn’t really seem to be a commonality to the band choices. The common thread for all these musicians is clearly that they are all truly folkies at heart. Both Jim James of My Morning Jacket and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco have their roots in folk music. So, being a part of a festival like this comes easy for them both.

Bob Weir began the festival, but what seemed unusual was seeing him perform solo and acoustic. Weir is noted for being a rhythm guitarist and it was strange to see him performing in a style that many are unaccustomed to seeing. Considering he was recently injured and prevented from playing shows for nearly two months, he performed as if nothing had happened. Highlights included his rendition of Garcia’s ‘Loose Lucy’. Bob Weir’s setlist: ‘Easy to Slip’, ‘Loose Lucy’, ‘Peggy-O’, ‘KC Moan’, ‘Dear Prudence’ and ‘Not Fade Away’

My Morning Jacket definitely brought a different energy to the crowd. Their Southern/Classic rock hybrid sound easily pulsated through the thick, humid South Florida air. Jim James and the band whipped the already sweaty crowd into a controlled frenzy. Personal highlights include ‘Circuital’, ‘Smokin’ From Shootin’ and ‘Gideon’. My Morning Jacket’s setlist: ‘Circuital’, ‘Outta My System’, ‘I’m Amazed’, ‘Golden’, ‘Evelyn’, ‘Way He Sings’, ‘Slow into End of War Begun’, ‘ Smokin From Shootin’, ‘Wordless Chorus’, ‘Victory Dance’, ‘Gideon’ and ‘One Big Holiday’

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco walked out onto the stage in his very American style hat, grinning from ear to ear. As noted earlier, most of the audience is there for Dylan, but it felt like “any friend of Dylan is a friend of mine.” The crowd easily fell into a groove for Wilco and when Weir joined them for ‘Ripple’ (video courtesy of SFMO) and ‘California Stars,’ they seemed giddy with happiness. As expected, after speaking to a “die-hard” Dead Head, they stated how much they enjoyed Wilco’s set, but for the discordant sounds in ‘Poor Places.’ A reaction like that came as no surprise and in fact, was anticipated. Highlights included ‘Forget the Flowers’, ‘Poor Places’, ‘Impossible Germany’ and both songs with Weir. Wilco’s setlist: ‘At My Window Sad and Lonely’, ‘ Forget the Flowers’, ‘Company in My Back’, ‘Poor Places’, ‘Art of Almost’, ‘I Might’, ‘Spiders (Kids Smoke)’, ‘Impossible Germany’, ‘ Born Alone’, Ripple’ (w/ Bob Weir), ‘California Stars (w/ Bob Weir)’, ‘Via Chicago’, ‘Whole Love’, ‘Dawned on Me’ and ‘I’m the Man Who Loves You’

Dylan finally appears from the darkness and performs a very bluesy set. Having only seen him with the Dead many years ago, this evening appeared more intimate. Dylan’s path has taken him to a bluesy place and for us, it was a path we were willing to follow along. Highlights include ‘Tangled Up in Blue’ with a new arrangement, ‘Duquesne Whistle’ and ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’. Bob Dylan’s setlist: ‘Things Have Changed’, ‘Love Sick’, ‘High Water’, ‘Soon After Midnight’, ‘Early Morning Kings’, ‘Tangled Up in Blue’, ‘Duquesne Whistle’, ‘She Belongs to Me’, ‘Cry Awhile’, ‘Simple Twist of Fate’, ‘Honest with Me’, ‘All Along the Watchtower’, Enc. ‘Thunder on the Mountain’, ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’

As I continue to relive the evening’s events in my mind, I am reminded how well this festival was put together and how lucky I was to see so many talented musicians perform in such a limited period of time. While the artists may change up from city to city, if you have the opportunity to catch AmericanramA during the tour, DO NOT MISS IT.  Meet me there-Beat me there!

Added 7/5/13 – check out this fan video of My Morning Jacket and Wilco covering Neil Young’s ‘Cinnamon Girl’ at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre in Alabama July 3rd. Sound is decent, no need to watch.

VOYAGES OF RC! Live @ C&I Studios Ft. Lauderdale w/ Jacob Jeffries, Hoyle and Fauna Halo (6/22/13)

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A great new venue in South Florida lives! We recently learned about C&I Studios in Ft. Lauderdale and were overjoyed to find out that they have begun hosting live music events. Entitled Live @ C&I Studios, the first live music event we got to experience was on the evening of June 22nd. Arriving in time just to see local favorite, Jacob Jeffries in the middle of his set, the garage door was just being lifted to air out the space. The sound in the studios is perfect and if not for the opened garage door, the air just might have been too thick. Jacob delighted his fans and shared the final tune with his sister by his side. Just after finishing his set, he greeted his adoring audience who were all ready, willing and able to get some pictures and maybe even a hug!

While we missed Fauna Halo of Nashville, we were fortunate to catch Hoyle. Our lack of expectations were met with wonderous delight, as this fairly unknown band from Orlando found a way to catch our attention. We wouldn’t mind seeing Hoyle again. Hopefully, they will come down to South Florida again. As for Jacob, he continues to perform a few more gigs in South Florida before making his way back to his new home in New York City. Look forward to more events like this at C&I Studios. Rock Cousteau will be there, hope to see you, too!

VOYAGES OF RC! Grizzly Bear w/ Majical Cloudz @ The Fillmore Miami Beach (6/18/13)

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Grizzly Bear12

When you mention Grizzly Bear, chill-poet-harmonizing-indie band is not necessarily the first thing that pops into your head. If you didn’t know anything about this band, you might think they would be something edgier or you might even expect them to have taxidermied booty hanging on the stage. In our case, there were no taxidermied animals, but small hanging laterns in the shape of jellyfish. And, fortunately for us, after hearing their music through various devices for a few years, we knew what not to expect. Yes, Grizzly Bear finally made it to Miami and we’d finally get the opportunity to see this band live in one of South Florida’s most beloved theaters, The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theatre.

While we were hoping to catch Majical Cloudz, it just wasn’t in the cards. But enough about missed opportunities, Grizzly Bear was truly the band we came to see, a band that includes some extremely creative musicians/poets making music today. What makes them so unique is their ability to combine a variety of music, poetry and visual elements together, but do so without being “in your face”. Grizzly Bear is also the band that brings all the couples out that are just waiting to make out during the songs and I think we even saw a few making out in the lobby before the show.

Our anticipation of hosting Grizzly Bear in the “Magic City” was met with complimentary warmth by frontman, Ed Droste. Droste made a sincere apology to Miami for not appearing sooner, but also complimented us for being “one of the better crowds.” They kicked off the show with ‘Speak in Rounds,’ the second track from their latest album, Sheilds. Hearing it live for the first time, you were instantly drawn into their harmonious voices, voices that drove way beyond your ears and deep into your heart. Throughout the concert, the band continued to showcase the talented, layered voices of Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen, Christopher Taylor and Christopher Bear.

Highlights for us included ‘Sleeping Ute’ and ‘Yet Again,’ but the older songs would also catch our attention later in the set. Before their intimate, acoustic encore of ‘All We Ask,’ they performed, ‘Sun in Your Eyes,’ a songwriter’s dream that incorporates multi-leveled musical themes. This live experience with Grizzly Bear proved to us that this band is both solid in the studio and live.  Both experiences are worthwhile for the listener and if you have a chance to see this talented group of musicians live, DO NOT miss them. Also, be sure to catch the other great shows coming up at The Fillmore Miami Beach.

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‘Speak in Rounds’
‘Sleeping Ute’
‘Yet Again’
‘A Simple Answer’
‘Ready, Able’
‘While You Wait for the Others’
‘What’s Wrong’
‘Two Weeks’
‘Half Gate’
‘Sun in Your Eyes’
‘All We Ask’ (Acoustic)

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