NEW SINGLE! Lorde covers Tears for Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ for Hunger Games Soundtrack

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catching fire

As fans of movie soundtracks, we are so pleased to learn that the official soundtrack for the new Hunger Games film will include a worthy list of artists including The National, Santigold and a bunch of others who lend their talents for Suzanne Collins’ adaptation. Now another song, this one by 17-year-old Lorde, covers Tears for Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ with an extremely dark twist on the tune. The mood of the tune accurately meets the dark, cinematic mood of Catching Fire, the second installment in the Hunger Games trilogy. The film will be in theaters on November 22nd, but as always, the soundtrack is released sooner on November 19th. Listen to Lorder’s cover, below.

VOYAGES OF RC! Blowfly, Jacuzzi Boys and Torche – An Eclectic Triple Header! @ Churchill’s Pub, Miami, FL (11/8/13)

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On the heels of their U.S. tour w/ Wavves + King Tuff, but before heading off to Berlin in the morning to kick off their European Tour, Jacuzzi Boys gave their hometown fans a treat for the eyes and ears at Churchill’s Pub in Miami. The evening would include an eclectic trio of funk, garage and metal bands, in that order. Folks were pumped not only to give their favorite local band a heroes welcome, but a hearty send-off, too. Having followed the Jacuzzi Boys for some time now, it comes as no surprise that they would put an evening of this magnitude together.

As we enter Churchill’s, Blowfly, Jacuzzi Boys and Torche are selling their merch by the entrance; people are milling about, swapping stories; and the alcohol is flowing. Before the JBs take the stage, we get the rare opportunity to get down and get funky with everyone’s favorite dirty, funk band, Blowfly. Having been a secret Blowfly fan for all these years, we were overjoyed to be a part of their special album release party forBlack in the Sack. Mr. Blowfly, a 74 years young, gets the chance to show this youthful crowd what it’s like to gracefully age, “funky style.”

Blowfly’s drummer, wearing a glittery mask, gives Blowfly a warm welcome and eventually, he emerges from the back of Churchill’s wearing his signature cape and mask. As he ambles to the stage, we are all mystified by this wise, yet truly captivating man. His eminence takes the stage and we are all completely at his mercy. While preferring to serenade the ladies, this demented James Brown makes a point to connect with both males and females in the audience.   Imagine Michael Jackson and Clash tunes with the most explicit lyrics you can think of.  Yes, that’s Blowfly.  Our live music experiences were enhanced by the performance of songs like,  ‘Funky Party,’ ‘I Believe My Dick Can Fly,’ ‘Rap Dirty,’ and my favorite, ‘Should I F*ck That Big Fat Ho.’  His lyrics are totally hysterical and we couldn’t stop laughing for almost the entire set. See the videos below. Simply the perfect preamble to the Jacuzzi Boys.

Ahhhh, the Jacuzzi Boys. Danny, the bassist, and I spoke a bit about the previous tour and I asked him about what he thought were his most memorable stops along the way. While immediately recalling New York and Chicago, he was admittedly reluctant to specify just one city and said they were all pretty awesome. He mentions that they are leaving for Berlin, in the early morning, to kick off their European tour. I was slightly amazed that they were pulling off this late night venture at Churchill’s before heading off to Europe in the morning for their 30 day tour. When asked what city he most looked forward to getting to, he quickly replied, “Paris”. Paris just loves the Jacuzzi Boys and they have shown their love of this endearing band with sold-out shows. We look forward to hearing all about their travels upon their return.

Fans begin to congregate around the stage before the JBs take their spot. The Jacuzzi Gals seem pleased that they can return to their comfort zone, stage left. Everything is fitting neatly into place. The Jacuzzi Boys get better and better with every performance. This show was no exception. Gabriel’s guitar licks were tight, Danny’s bass was phat and Diego’s percussive skills were right on. The JB’s played may of their classic tunes and sprinkled in tunes from their excellent and the latest self-titled album. The crowd was rowdy and momentum continued to build up as the set went on.

Watching the Jacuzzi Gals dance on stage brought a “virtual” tear to my eye, but watching dudes stand on stage in front of the band to take pictures with their cell phones, not so cool. Did I mention the huge mosh pit that developed during the set? It would hardly have been a surprise if fists began to fly, but narry a hand was aggressively laid upon another. Was I scared? Absolutely not! I found it simply exciting to be a part of this human experience and I couldn’t thank Churchill’s Pub enough for what I thought was one of the most entertaining nights of my life.

FESTIVALS! Coastline Festival 2013 Set Times – FL State Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL (11/9) and Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm, FL (11/10)

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Everyone’s super pumped for the inaugural Coastline Festival. See the lineup and set times below for both Tampa and West Palm. Click here for more information about the festival.

tampa_lineup Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 8.09.19 AM



westpalm_lineup Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 8.09.58 AM

VOYAGES OF RC! The Reflektors (a/k/a Arcade Fire) @ Little Haiti’s Cultural Center, Miami, FL (10/24/13)

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The Reflektors a/k/a Arcade Fire
As I listen to Arcade Fire’s new album release today (Reflektor), I am immediately drawn back into the their most recent live performance at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami the Thursday before (10/24/13). The first track, Reflektor, is rich, full and filled with an infectious sound that you can’t help, but groove to. Seeing this track performed live, well, there are few words to really describe the energy. The energy that flowed through my veins as I danced, moved and grooved. Reflektor, perhaps one of the most anticipated albums of 2013, continues to delight the ears, but as with any fabulously talented band, the live experience brings much more to the table.

On Monday, October 14th, we received the announcement that Arcade Fire would perform a very special show at Little Haiti’s Cultural Center on Thursday, October 24th. It wouldn’t be too long before we’d find a way to be there. The event would be put together by our local “world music” organization, The Rhythm Foundation, a wonderful organization that supports great music from all over the world. This performance would be part of their series, “Big Night in Little Haiti.” The band wouldn’t be performing as Arcade Fire, but rather, as The Reflektors. Not only would they perform under a different band name, but the band requested that everyone dress up either in a costume or formal wear. To address their requirement, I complied and dressed in both.

Shortly after the announcement of the show in Little Haiti, the band announced another show the day before at a smaller indoor venue, Mekkah. We had already committed to the Thursday show and left it at that. Frankly, we were over the moon about being able to see them in Florida for the first time, regardless whether it was the first show or the second show. This was ARCADE FIRE, in our own hometown of Miami. The anticipation of seeing this band in our own backyard was more than anyone could handle and the buzz in South Florida was beyond anything I think I had ever seen before.

So, here comes the night, a night filled with masks, painted faces, costumes and formal wear. Fans were willing to give in to temptation and this definitely made the evening that much more colorful. The show was called for 7pm, but the band didn’t actually hit the stage until well after 9pm. Before they get onto the stage, there is a full-on Haitian parade, what they refer to as “Karnaval”. The parade includes the Haitian flag being waved high atop the heads of the audience, a few drummers, dancers, children on shoulders and very simple trumpets. As I listen to ‘Here Comes the Night Time,’ I am quickly reminded of the Karnaval and all the energy swirling around me. Getting sucked into it all becomes second nature. See the video below.

Shortly after the Karnaval, The Reflektors take their rightful spots on the stage and the crowd is overwhelmed with joy. They kick off the show with ‘Reflektor’ and of course, the crowd goes wild with excitement. By this time, it had become a butts-to-nuts situation, but everyone was willing to accept this. Despite the tight spot we’d all willingly succumb to, we were happy, smiling fans. At one point, things got so tight, a man chose to climb a dividing wall and we all screamed, “Spiderman!”. The set was short, but seriously sweet, including tunes from Reflektor and a few from albums past. Régine Chassagne, who is of Haitian decent, and Win Butler both made heartfelt pleas to the audience to support initiatives meant to help the folks in Haiti become more self-sufficient. They shared with the audience that a portion of the proceeds from the show would go to this truly worthy cause.

While the evening would definitely take a toll on everyone’s workweek, we all knew we had witnessed something special and felt the human connection between artist and audience.

NOW STREAM THIS! Arcade Fire – Reflektor

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It’s one hour and twenty-five minutes of pure heaven! Advance streaming of Arcade Fire’s album, Reflektor is happening now! Great way to prepare for tonight’s performance at Little Haiti’s Cultural Center. Okay, just got goosebumples. Pre-order your copy now, here.

FESTIVALS! Coastline Festival 2013 FL State Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL (11/9) and Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm, FL (11/10)

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Advance tickets are still available for the inaugural COASTLINE FESTIVAL taking place Saturday, November 9th at the State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL and Sunday, November 10th at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL. Satisfy your craving for an all day music festival complimented by 2 stages, a wide array of food trucks, over 25 craft beers (including Florida’s own wildly popular hand craft brewers), and regionally renowned artists. COASTLINE FESTIVAL will have something for every one. Regardless of the type of ticket you buy, the Second Stage allows you to get up close and personal to the music!



The lineup features:

Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club, Matt & Kim, Fitz & The Tantrums, The Joy Formidable, The Mowgli’s, Surfer Blood, Blondfire, St. Lucia, The Royal Concept and just added The Neighbourhood.

West Palm:
Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club, Matt & Kim, Fitz & The Tantrums, Joy Formidable, Capital Cities, The Neighbourhood, The Mowgli’s, Surfer Blood, St. Lucia, The Royal Concept

The Craft Beer Cove is like floating into a beer lovers dream, where Hopheads will enjoy a wonderland of authentic hand crafted brews featuring over 25 different selections from Florida’s elite craftsman and a sprinkling of some of the best craft beers from around the country. The Craft Beer Cove will feature both sampling and full glass servings.

Among the companies all scheduled to provide multiple craft beers for the Festival are a virtual who’s who of breweries including:

Cigar City Brewing – The finest brew Tampa has to offer. They use the highest quality ingredients and that is not just marketing jargon. If it makes better beer, they use it. They also strive to use local ingredients when and where they can. Not only do fresh local ingredients help make better beer, it helps to make beer that reflects the culture and heritage of Tampa Bay.

Florida Avenue Ales – An American wheat ale with a hint of lemon makes their beer light tasting and super refreshing; a special taste that says Florida. Florida Avenue Ale features American two row pale malt, malted wheat, Perle, German Hallertau and Tettnang hops. The ale fermentation imparts a background tropical note reminiscent of tropical fruit. All of these flavors come together to create a crisp, thirst quenching, clean finishing beer perfect for our unique Florida climate.

Tequesta Brewing Company.- Owner Matt Webster’s love affair with brewing beer began back in his college days, spent in Lakewood, Colo., a state where beer is more than just beer, and microbreweries can be found in every city. Since then, Webster has come a long way: from experimenting with a home-brew kit to a full-on brewery with 10 taps, and delighting avid beer lovers across South Florida.

Sweet Water Brewing Company – Atlanta brewers of 420 Extra Pale Ale, Sch’Wheat. IPA, Blue, Georgia Brown and the Catch and Release Seasonal Beer Series.

Kona Brewing Company – Kona Brewing Company was started by father and son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa. The pair had a dream to create fresh, local island brews made with spirit, passion and quality. Their love of Hawaii, and a desire to protect the pristine environment here, brought them to the Big Island to fulfill their vision. Kona Brewing continues to be headquartered right where it began, in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Magic Hat Brewery – The Magic Hat Brewery has been putting a performance into every bottle of beer since 1994. Today, the South Burlington, VT-based brewery is cranking out 400 bottles of beer every minute.

Widmer Brothers Brewing – Widmer Brothers Brewing of Poprtland Oregon proudly brews Widmer Hefeweizen – America’s Original Hefeweizen®, Drifter Pale Ale®, Rotator IPA Series®, Drop Top Amber Ale®, Nelson Imperial IPA®, and their popular seasonal line up “W” Brewmasters’ Release Series, Citra Blonde Summer Brew, OKTO, Pitch Black IPA, and Brrr. This publicly-held brewery employs over 150 people who are as passionate about quality craft beer.

Southern Tier Brewing Company – Southern Tier Brewing Company, based out of Lakewood, NY, is committed to providing delicious, accessible and unique products. Their mission is to provide customers with consistently fresh, clean, American craft ales and lagers that stand on their own merit. The brewery has grown to produce more than 60,000 barrels of beer annually. The hand crafted ales are now available in more than thirty States, as well as parts of Australia, Denmark, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Ontario, British Columbia, and the United Kingdom.

Abita Brewing Company – Founded in 1986, the Abita Brewing Company is nestled in the piney woods 30 miles north of New Orleans. We brew over 151,000 barrels of beer and 9,100 barrels of root beer in our state-of-the-art brewing facility. Our lagers and ales are brewed in small batches, hand-crafted by a team of dedicated workers with only the highest ideals of quality. This pride, along with our brewing process, is what creates our great brews.

New Belgium Brewing Company – New Belgium Brewing Company is a regional brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It opened in 1991 after Jeff Lebesch, the brewery’s founder, took his homebrewing passion commercially. In 2011, it produced 712,800 barrels of its various labels. “People said we couldn’t grow an employee-owned brewery by being environmentally conscious, quality-focused and fun-driven. What we say: Want a Fat Tire?”

Lagunitas Brewing Company – The Lagunitas Brewing Company is a brewery founded in 1993 in Lagunitas, California. It was not so much an act of ordinary ‘foundling’ as it was willed into being by the unspoken desire of supportive beer-lovers in Northern California after which they continued to nurture their creation and urged us forward to fulfill the unifying needs of that same beer-loving diaspora from coast to coast and beyond. They are known for iconoclastic interpretations of traditional beer styles, and irreverent descriptive text and stories on their packaging.

Goose Island – Goose Island continues to brew an innovative selection of over 50 craft beers at the brewpub, the best of which are then bottled at our Fulton Street brewery in Chicago. Goose Island beers are now enjoyed in all 50 states and Europe.

West Palm: (as well as Vermont’s Magic Hat)
Due South Brewing Company – ue South Brewing Co is a distributing craft beer brewery located in Boynton Beach, FL. Due South is currently in over 200 bars and restaurants from Daytona Beach to Key West. This brewery is a dream a husband and wife team turned into a reality with the support of family, friends, and the dedicated, ever-growing, craft beer community of South Florida. For the Coastline Festival they are brewing up a special apricot pale ale named: Coastalicious.

Funky Buddah Brewery – Opened in June, 2013, this facility is the first of its kind in Broward County and the largest brewery in South Florida, capable of producing over 5000 barrels per year. A 30-barrel, three-piece brewhouse powers the brewery, feeding nearly 1000 gallons of beer per batch into four 60-barrel fermenters.Funky Buddah is committed to producing bold craft beers that marry culinary-inspired ingredients with time-honored technique. Their mantra is big, bold flavors, made exactingly with natural ingredients. So, for example, if we say a beer will taste like peanut butter and jelly, you can be sure you’ll smell and taste the fresh roasted peanuts and fruity berry jam. Continued . . .

The Native Brewing Company – In1999, Adam Fine moved back home to his Native state with a mission to create and introduce Floridians to flavorful craft beer. Florida being a place with an environment unique to the rest of the country, Adam decided he needed to brew beers specifically guaged to the climate. Well balanced and flavorful yet not overpowering, he began with the Eleven Brown Ale. 10 years later with the craft movement in full swing in Florida, the Native Brewing Co. still provides some of the freshest local craft beer you can find in Florida.

Dogfish Head – Dogfish is a 30 barrel micro-brewery based in Lewes, Deleware. Ever since the summer of 1995, they have been brewing, cooking, selling and talking everything beer. Dogfish Head continues to grow today! They are now up to nearly 20 styles of beer that are sold in more than 25 states, and a half-dozen kinds of hand-crafted spirits.

Ballast Point Brewing Company – Ballast Point Brewing Company is one of San Diego’s Premiere Breweries. We love what we do, and we hope it shows. Since 1996, they have experimented, tasted, tested and kept on trying, every single day. That way we stay true to our dream: Real beer lovers making real, good beer.

Blue Point Brewing Company – Since 1998 they have been handcrafting some of the finest microbrews around. Their traditional 30-barrel English brew house in Patchogue, Long Island produces a complex portfolio of more than 15 tasty beers that have made them one of the fastest growing microbreweries in the United States.

Rooney’s Beer – The Rooney Family is no stranger to the beer and pub business. Their roots go back to the turn of the 20th Century when Dan Rooney opened the family’s first Pub on the corner of Corey and General Robinson Streets where Three Rivers Stadium later stood in Pittsburgh, PA. In 1933, the family entered the brewing business in Braddock, PA. Today, the family celebrates both its Celtic and Pittsburgh Pride with the next generation of brews starting with: Rooney’s Old Irish Ale.

Founders Brewing Company – Founders Brewing Company is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Founders Family, a group of passionate beer enthusiasts, has grown around this simple philosophy: “We don’t brew beer for the masses. Instead, our beers are crafted for a chosen few, a small cadre of renegades and rebels who enjoy a beer that pushes the limits of what is commonly accepted as taste. In short, we make beer for people like us.”

Inlet Brewing Company – IBC makes their beer with only the finest barley malt and hops that are free of any toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. By supporting organic products, They are making a positive environmental contribution.

Magic Hat – Vermont

Food Trucktopia will feature an eclectic mix from Mediterranean to Vegetarian and Argentinean cuisine. From soup to nuts and back again there is bound to be soething to please most anyone. It is a cornucopia of award-winning and taste-tempting performances set to heighten your Coastline Festival experience including:

Taco Bus – Taco Bus delivers the real taste of Mexico, with/or based on traditional recipes from every region of the country, each prepared daily with fresh ingredients in a custom kitchen. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu features familiar favorites, daily specials and even a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free selections.

Bubba Q’s – BubbaQue’s BBQ only smokes the very best cuts of pork, beef and chicken. All of the side dishes are made fresh every day using the best old southern ingredients and recipes. Since BubbaQue’s BBQ was founded by “rednecks” in a redneck environment, they parody all things in that rural southern environment. It is truly meant as a compliment to that great southern hospitality—and good cooking as well.

Not Your Ordinary Food Truck – Take your tastebuds on a trip around the world. Serving Rare and exotic Meats, and hard to find bottled colas from all over the globe! Kangaroo, Wagyu, Snake, Gator, Turtle, Ostrich, Rabbit, Elk, Buffalo, Bison, Llama, Bear, Antelope, Alpaca, duck, etc….you find it here, as long as it is legal.

The Inside Scoop Italian Ice – Florida can get notoriously hot, so why not cool down with some sweet Italian Ice at The Inside Scoop! Their current flavors include Cappuccino, Cherry, Chocolate Thin Mint, Coconut, Lemon, Mango, Peach, Rainbow, Root Beer and many, many more! All Italian Ices are made homemade with real fruit juices and are dairy free!

Pitas On The Run – Pitas On The Run is a Mediterranean style mobile food truck that services the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas. This type of cuisine is not only high in flavor but also high in health benefits. They offer a great menu including the beef and chicken Shawarma sandwich, Falafel vegetarian sandwich, homemade hummus and all kinds of tasty items such as waffle balls, gluten free wraps, pita chip nachos, veggie wraps, and many vegetarian dishes

The Dude & His Food – The Ultimate Prime Ribeye Sandwich Experience! It’s kind of like a Philly… only Better!!! The Dude takes a traditional sandwich and makes it better. Fresh Prime Rib ground and grilled to juicy perfection. Stuffed with only the best ingredients it brings you the freshest sandwich possible. Also specializes in: chicken steaks, Cheesesteaks, fries and various sides & deserts.

PAO Truck – The PAO Truck is the only Filipino Food Truck in Tampa Bay and they have participated in many events around town. Their menu features a variety of Filipino and Filipino-inspired dishes to suit your taste buds at an affordable price. They specialize in Filipino fusion such as chicken adobe sliders, pao burgers and more!

West Palm:
The Rolling Stove – The Rolling Stove has been ranked with the top trucks in the country serving up food with big flavor! Their jerk inspired comfort food is lip smacking good without all the burn. Famous for the
Dr. Pepper Braised jerk brisket sandwich, the sloppy stove or their Burger (it’s a Brisket & Short rib mix named one of the best in South Florida). Look for the Big Red Truck with all the flames on it!

Ms. Cheezious – Ms. Cheezious voted Best Food Truck in Miami, rolls out your favorite comfort food – grilled cheese sandwiches like mom used to make, only not quite as innocent! Not only will you indulge in classic melt-in-your-mouth grilled cheese, Ms. Cheezious will also arouse your palate with signature specialties like the Crabby Cheese Melt. Get turned on by the many selections available to create your own mind-blowing sandwich.

Pescado Unidos – The Pescados Unidos menu is full of awesome options, like Giant Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Bacon Chipotle Aioli, Crab Taquitos w/ Tree ripened Avocado Crema, several different Fresh Ceviches, Conch Fritters, a Quinoa Salad w/ Coconut & Lime, and many more delicious dishes. Chef Kevin makes it clear that you can eat well from a food truck!

Che Grill – Che Grill was created in a burst of imagination and excitement as part of the first group of Food Trucks to venture and explore South Florida communities. Food Trucks were a novelty at the time and they wanted to bring authentic Argentine cuisine to this new culinary movement. And boy did they. Always a popular stop for any food truck aficionado.

Moty’s Grill – The menu is simple, healthy, fresh and affordable. They are famous for the falafel sandwich, made with fresh baked pita bread filled with crispy handmade Falafel patties, a middle eastern mix of chickpeas, cilantro, fresh spices and vegetables, deep fried in Canola oil. All the salads and sauces are freshly prepared every day using carefully selected ingredients to assure superior quality and freshness. They use only Kosher ingredients of the highest quality, and observe all the rules and practices of Kashrut; however, they are not Kosher certified by any authority.

Slow Food Truck – Slow food truck AkA So Freakin Tasty, was started three years ago by Chef Zach Schwartz. So Freakin Tasty features local and seasonal cuisine to all of South Florida. They focus on gourmet sandwiches and hand cut french fries.

Big Kahuna – Voted Best Ice Cream Truck in South Florida. Be sure to load up on some shaved ice, soft serve ice cream or just one of their classic ice cream novelties. Not your everyday Ice Cream Truck with lots of Gourmet, Funky, Kool and fun to eat treats. It’s Sweet tooth heaven!

BC Tacos – Not quite Jurassic, but they give you something unexpected by taking your standard taco and putting a spin on it. They run the gamut ranging from steak and chicken to your more unique mahi, bacon cheeseburger and pulled pork tacos. Indulge in one of their gourmet tacos like The Hunter, The T-Rex or The Prehistoric Pulled Pork.

Gozen Yogurt – Gozen Yogurt has yogurt machines mounted on the outside of the truck! Patrons can walk up, grab a cup, and decide which or how many of the 8 delicious flavors they want. The next step is to add your favorite toppings from our one-of-a-kind mobile refrigerated topping station

Isle of Art is a way for festival goers to actively engage with critically-acclaimed artists from around the region in Florida’s progressive art scene. Coastline Festival’s “Isle of Art” brings a unique perspective to the Festival scene. Art touches the soul of Coastline and allows festival goers to actively engage with critically-acclaimed artists from around the region in Florida’s progressive art scene including:

Fenix Rising – Fenix delves into her art with various materials such as acrylics, metallics, and chalks. Her work finds it’s way out of her creative mind, and into a collective artwork which may be found on a variety of surfaces. Fenix wields her creativity from the depths of her soul, and corners of her imagination that house many influences from the Day of the Dead, Art Nouveau, women and nature.

Pale Horse – Bent on illustrating a colorful world, filled with mythology, ancient civilizations, alchemy, pro wrestling, heavy metal, altered states & mystical creatures, Pale Horse is constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of his work, blurring the lines between digital illustration and fine art.

Krochet Kids – This is a cause-driven lifestyle brand that is working to empower people to rise above poverty. With current programs in Northern Uganda and Peru, the organization enacts economic development programs to create unique, hand signed products, allowing each customer to know the person behind their product and the impact it is making. (Also in West Palm)

Josh Pearson aka Alphabetto – He started incorporating colorful collages of magazine clippings after running out of supplies in the middle of a painting, and the tattoo imagery began creeping into his paintings by combining his ink drawings with the collages. What started out as a means to an end, has become the practical approach to everything he does today. Creating something new using only discarded scraps forces him to face the limitations of the material and think around them.

Derek Donnelly – Derek Donnelly, owner of the ever inspiring Saint Paint is known for his celebrity portraits but has professional experience with countless mediums. He has done everything from giant murals to canvas painting, metal fabrication to styrofoam sculpting.

Frank Strunk III – An American artist living in Florida who works primarily in metal. He loves the way it feels in his hands and how it responds to the tools he uses. He has always loved the industrial aesthetic and enjoys bringing that concept to life.

James Oleson – James Oleson Jr. is a sculptor and painter. His work has been exhibited at numerous galleries and can be found in many private collections throughout the United States. He is the recipient of many awards and grants including 2010 Best in Show at ArtLoud Tampa, Best of Show Kissimme Sculpture Experience, and the Outstanding You Award from Southwest Art Magazine.

Sebastain Coolidge – In recent months, street artist Sebastian Coolidge has become more and more prominent in the downtown art scene. He’s a quiet guy who doesn’t like being in the spotlight, but his massive murals suggest otherwise. From a barber shop in the south side to the west wall of The Bends, Coolidge’s work is scattered through the store fronts and alleyways of St. Petersburg’s landscape.

When I Grow Up Tie Dye – Unique , handmade , original tie -dye art that you can wear. Based in Madiera Beach, Florida, they capture the relaxed beach atmosphere in their Shirts, skirts, beach towels, and even underwear. Items do not fade or wash out, they are machine safe.

Michael Kulick – Michael Kulick is an eclectic,up and coming contemporary artist based in Florida. A self–taught painter,Kulick has also worked in sculpture, woodworking and drawing. His most recent works,made primarily in oil paint,titter back and forth between traditional portraits inspired by the artist’s appreciation for the master painters of the Italian Renaissance and abstract expressionist works that resonate with Pollock and the New School. Using his work as means of self-expression,bits and pieces of Kulick’s character and soul can be found in between rich line work and the highly textured surfaces of his paintings.

Harriet Rollitt – Born in England yet raised in Barbados, Harriet of Bahia Studios creates collages and paintings that combine imagery associated with these cultures. Concerned with concepts of national identity, Harriet blends heritage with nostalgia leaving the viewer with a mishmash of distinct narratives.Harriet Rollitt is a member of the Barbados Arts Council whose mission is to serve in a national role by preserving, collecting, exhibiting, and fostering the understanding of works of art, at the highest possible cultural, educational and scholarly standards.

Justin Dick – Justin Dick is a well known and popular charicature artist from the Tampa Bay area who has appeared at a number of local and regional Festivals.

Dave Lavernia – As a native Floridian, David “DaveL” Lavernia has always been inspired by his tropical surroundings. His detailed linework is a style which he diligently spent years cultivating focusing on aquatic elements with vibrant colors and fluid compositions. DaveL works with several different mediums including: Acrylic, oil enamel, oil pastel, aerosol and mixed media. His compositions and use of color attracts and emits movement, allowing for a visual narrative to materialize. (Also in West Palm)

Loose Lucys – Loose Lucys produces and manufacturers our a line of clothing, exclusive to just their 5 stores and festival events. Items range from tops and tanks, to dresses for both children and adults, skirts, tapestries, and handbags. (Also in West Palm)

Brittany Dodd-Free Spirit Tie Dye – What started out as a series of craft parties has turned into a full blown business. After a year of craft parties galore she noticed all of the beautiful art getting shoved in storage and never being displayed. Her and her friends had so much talent she decided to get out there and showcase this art. Now she is starting her own business with the hopes of displaying all diffrent types of art from whoever has enough courage just to try. (Also in West Palm)

West Palm:
Migdalia Pace – Migdalia has been transforming the plain and simple into fun and funky through her art and fashion illustrations her whole life. Through a unique approach to craftsmanship and design, Migdalia rescues those forgotten fabrics and favorite clothes, transforming them into one-of-a kind works of art.

Jess Anderson – Jess Anderson started making jewelry as Christmas gifts for my family and friends. He incorporates a lot of upcycled and salvaged materials (skeleton keys, vintage buttons, bullet casings) in his work as he feels that many things get forgotten that still have their own beauty and story to tell. He likes to find a way to let that shine through. Additionally he has branched out into watercolor paintings as well.

Melodie Blaize – Melodie Blaize began her rising reconstruction entrepreneurial endeavor called Sniptease in 2010. At local markets and events and also overseas, she sings the environmental repercussions of the fashion industry as she transforms regular ragged T-shirts into one of a kind pieces of wearable art on live models. Yes, she uses an array of sharp cutting tools, but has not had a bleeder yet!

Grace Waddell – She creates bold and colorful large scale painting that reflect a dramatic transformation of almost any image. Grace does this through no great feat. Simply inspired by her subject, she applies to canvas her expression with feeling, color and design. These are the three keys to creating her work. Her great love for the arts, welcomes any opportunity to inspire through painting. There are no limits and never any boundaries to her creativity.

Elisa & Daphne Gomez, Committed Jewelry – Inspired by love and driven by madness. Elisa makes the jewelry while Daphne bosses her around….together, they make MAGIC! Their business is called COMMITTED because they feel that sometimes you work so hard to be committed to your relationship that it feels as if you need to be committed to an insane asylum. Their whimsical and quirky jewelry takes you through all the stages of love. (The good, the bad and the ugly) COMMITTED….jewelry rehab for your favorite drug. (Love)

Anastasia Chandler – She makes upcycled jewelry and accessories, hand made with love from vintage and upcycled zippers, fabric, buttons, books, and bottle labels, among other sewing remnants and upcycled materials. Things that inspire her pieces are the ocean, classic tattoo art, hawaiiana, vintage industrial/commercial art, and the beauty of natural forms in the outdoors. Because of the inspiration from her own children, she expanded to personalized jewelry pieces for both women and men.

Pam Kwarchak – She is well known for her ink-and-watercolor prints. These calming and fantastical drawings have themes of mermaids, trees, elephants, dragonflies and waves.

Victoria Woodward – Random Heart Monsters was started by Victoria Woodward when she realized her enjoyment of sewing and talent for sketching could be combined to make cute plush monsters and creatures. Adorable and often whimsical, her creations catch the attention of people of all ages. Victoria designs and sews each plush by hand to ensure that every creation is one-of-a-kind.

Chelsea Wilder – FrezzArt, LLC features the art of Florida natives Chelsea Handler and her tropical sense influence to art. She demonstrates a love of the water and all things ocean/beach.

Tatiana Maria – Tatiana Maria is a self taught artist residing in Miami, FL. Tatiana’s artwork ranges from photorealistic drawings to dreamlike illustrations. She is inspired mainly by hairy men, music, pop culture and the indie scene of Miami.

West Palm also features: Dave Lavernia, Free Spirit Tie Dye, Krochet Kids and Loose Lucys.

Advance Ticket Prices End on November 1, so don’t wait!

Advance Lawn – $25.00 (until October 31)
Advance Reserved – $40.00 (until October 31)

After October 31st, prices increase as follows:
Final Lawn – $30.00
Final Reserved – $45.00
GA Pit – $55.00

Buy your tix for Tampa here and West Palm here.

All tickets include general admission to the second stage and all prices are plus fees and taxes.
Coastline is being developed by Live Nation in partnership with Ledge Entertainment LLC. Visit for all info and connect with the Coastline Festival team on Facebook and Twitter.

FESTIVALS! The 18th Annual Hialeah Fest October 18th and 19th @ Churchill’s Pub Miami

October 10, 2013 in Festivals by rock6847

Hialeah Fest 2013 poster

The 18th annual Hialeah Fest is happening at everyone’s favorite local venue, Churchill’s Pub in Miami.  Great local bands have been included in the lineup and now you’ll know!  The festival, organized by our friends, Ferny Coipel and Tony Landa (Humbert), will take place at Churchill’s Pub on Friday October 18th and Saturday October 19th. Proceeds from this event will benefit Manos Internacional, an organization founded by Hialeah Fest alumni John Alvarez, formerly of the bands Egg, Ragged Out and Kuartizar.  Manos International is a fully volunteer-run non-profit organization providing enriching educational, cultural, and youth development programs to children in poor, remote areas.

Making their Hialeah Fest debut will be Afrobeta, Diane Ward, The Astrokats, Shark Valley Sisters, Las Tias, Lori Garrote, The Gun Hoes and Kenny Millions!  Back from a long Hialeah Fest absence will also be one of our favorite local soul funk bands, Ketchy Shuby!  Below is the lineup, but more artists will be added soon!

Ketchy Shuby
Electric Piquete
Nag Champayons
Black Jacket
Diane Ward
Shark Valley Sisters
Stop the Presses
Low Visibility
The Holstered
The Bellringers
The Deadly Blank
Riot Agents
Kenny Millions
Haochi Waves
The Astrokats
Lori Garrote
The Vilifiers
Rick Valero & the Hialeah Hillbillies
The Bum Hips
Perro Negro
Lying Thieves
Catacomb Crows
Mind You
Beyond the Boundary
Rick Moon
Las Tias
The Gun Hoes

For more info, go to

NOW STREAM THIS! Advance Streams of Cass McCombs, The Dismemberment Plan and Cults

October 7, 2013 in Now Stream This! by rock6847

cass mccombs

Cass McCombs writes, records and releases music. On his latest release, Big Wheel and Others, planned for release on October 15th, he releases 19 tracks at a whopping 85 minutes total play time. Listen to the advance stream here via NPR Music First Listen and enjoy! Do the artist a favor and if you like what you hear, buy it next week.

Cass McCombs on:


Uncanney Valley is the first album for The Dismemberment Plan since 2001. This eclectic rock group from the heart of our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. has come back together after a split in 2003 with Uncanney Valley, due for release on October 15th. Uncanney Valley is more “fun” than “funky” and focuses on singer-guitarist, Morrison’s desire for lyrical achievement, something we like to call “Intelligent Rock”. The arrangements are fluid, yet disconnected at the same time. The disconnection is a welcome alternative to connected sounds we would normally expect. Stream the entire album by clicking here at NPR Music and please support the band by purchasing this album upon its release.

The Dismemberment Plan on:


Cults duo, Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion are still making great music using nostalgic pop sounds from the 60’s. Cults new album, Static, is due out October 15th, yet you are fortunate to get a healthy listen to the album a week before the release. The album is simply a breath of fresh air. Stream the album on NPR Music now. Be sure to support the band and purchase the album, if you like it as much as we do. You can also watch a video and listen to more of Cults below.

Cults on:

SO FLO ROCKS! Joan Jett and The Blackhearts to Headline Charitable Event for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation 11/16/13

October 4, 2013 in News You Can Use, SO FLO ROCKS! by rock6847


Benefiting Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, The Diamond Angels of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation in Hollywood, Florida are pleased to announce this year’s headliner for the 10th anniversary “Fairy Tale Ball, the Wizard of Oz” taking place on Saturday, November 16th at the Westin Diplomat Hotel.  We welcome  Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, with multiple Platinum selling albums that include chart topping hits like ‘I Love Rock n’ Roll,’ ‘I Hate Myself for Loving You,’ ‘Do You Want to Touch Me,’ ‘Light of Day,’ ‘Love Is All Around,’ ‘Bad Reputation’ and ‘Crimson and Clover’ it’s sure to be a rockin’ evening, for an important cause! In addition to a vast catalog of songs under her proverbial belt, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts just released a new album, Unvarnished. Below is the video announcement and you can check out the new single, ‘Any Weather’. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts will be supported by Kelly Keagy & Jack Blades of Night Ranger.

Click here for more information about the evening. We hope you can join Rock Cousteau and support this incredible cause.

LATE NIGHT APPEARANCES! Yoko Ono – Cheshire Cat Cry (Feat. The Flaming Lips) on Late Night with David Letterman (10/2/13)

October 4, 2013 in late night appearances by rock6847


Last night, Yoko Ono made an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman.  In other words, Yoko Ono makes a statement while great musicians perform in the background.  Letterman’s comment quite rightly summed up the appearance when he stated, “It’s fun when ya leave the theater humming the music from the show.” As for the music, well, it rocked because The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne and Yoko’s son, Sean Lennon were key figures in the formation of these sounds. Don’t be scared, listen with the volume at it’s highest and heed Yoko’s advice to “Stop all wars.”

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